Friday, August 05, 2011

Song of a Lifetime

I've posted a lot of songs over the seven years of this blog.  When I heard this one, I knew it was without a doubt, the song of a lifetime.  If you think you have heard it before, you haven't. Please allow yourself to listen to the entire song, full screen, you will be well rewarded, especially toward the end.



David M Gordon said...

How cool is that, Alan?!

Not just the song in Italian, with strings, no less -- precisely as the Moody Blues recorded and played it -- but Justin Hayward comes on stage and sings as well???

I used to listen to the MB so much, this album especially, that I wore grooves in its grooves. Cool, cool, cool. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Truly a of my favorites of all time. Thanks for sharing Alan.

Anonymous said...

I am starting the design of my Time Machine, so that I can BE THERE!!