Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Shem Creek

My daughter turned 23 this week. We celebrated with hamburgers at Folly Beach. The next night her friends took her out to Red's at Shem Creek. We ate Oyster Po-Boys and everyone got to meet Sarah's Dad. But the most memorable, touching moment came when one of the girls quieted everyone down and said a prayer. Among other things, she thanked God for bringing Sarah into our lives. Those were warm and glowing words. I felt part of some grand scheme and that my place in this world was exactly right. That all I had done was done under guidance and for a purpose. We get glimpses of that purpose throughout our lives, but sometimes it passes by so softly that we miss it, a subtle clue that leads us to closure, to understanding, to that elusive peace with ourselves. But last night, at Shem Creek, I got it.

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