Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Want to bet?

If all hell breaks loose in the world financial markets this summer, who are you going to turn to?  Ghostbusters?  Cramer?  Kramer? Abby Joseph Cohen?

This is where I am looking for protection:

My VXX Daily Trend Model is currently on a BUY SIGNAL which is underwater for the moment. Everyone says this is a "flawed' instrument and cannot be trusted.  That's the kind of consensus that I like to bet against.  (Although I say Cramer is a flawed instrument and cannot be trusted.......but that's just me, his ratings suggest a lot of people watch and listen to him.)

Having VXX or longer term VXX calls in your portfolio may or may not pay off this summer, but if they do pay off, it could be in a huge way.  Life of contract high (split adjusted) for VXX was $480 in February of 2009.  "They" say it can't happen again.

Oh, yea......want to bet?


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