Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Leonidas, Southern Greece

Leonidas, my friend:

How are things going in your neck of the woods?


Greece was the first area in Europe where advanced early civilizations emerged, beginning with the Cycladic civilization of the Aegean Sea, the Minoan civilization in Crete and then the Mycenaean civilization on the mainland. Later, city-states emerged across the Greek peninsula and spread to the shores of the Black SeaSouth Italy and Asia Minor, reaching great levels of prosperity that resulted in an unprecedented cultural boom, that of classical Greece, expressed in architecturedramascience and philosophy, and nurtured in Athens under a democratic environment.



Anonymous said...

Ahh Allan, my old friend...

Wealth is wealth in Greece or elsewhere.

Been long the coffees for a year, heavily. About 3.0 Million Euros invested into this acidic bean... Profits? Well we do not speak of such things publicly...

I trust your market explorations are doing well and you have seen that we free Greeks have voted according to Olympus on the Austerity Pgm and are now again an economic world leader.

Why not go LONG Greek stocks & bonds at this historic moment?

I will go a bit further if so so permit... GO LONG GREECE NOW! Every way you can & you will be rewarded 1,000-10,000 times over in the temporal spectre of a rotation of the globe around he solar centre of the universe.

Southern Greece

A said...


How might one best invest in Greece. There are 73 Greek restaurants in NYC, but that's more of a sector bet.


Anonymous said...

Leonidas, MY MAN!

I am Allan's sidekick, confidant and the "man behind the trades."

I recall your pics from a while ago and your Greek stories.

I am nominating Allan for head of the IMF. Does he have problems with women? You bet, but not as bad as the last guy's! Please join me in helping to bail out your esteemed country.

The Gods are broke!

John K.

Anonymous said...

Ahh Allan:

Investing in Greek Restaurants one must not forget to order the Gyros Sandwich! Food of the Gods.

But I know of no ETFs on Greece yet. But the Greek Stock Exchange is the finest in the world.

Under New Order there will be, go long Greece now and your iches will be endless. Fresh virgins will be delivered to you weekly.

Use your ATRs on Greek stocks.


Southern Greece

Anonymous said...

Ahh Leonidas:

Allan ma have a point. He told me yesterday he was buying Athens Pizza in Charleston, SC. (James Island).

As you know Allan mantains a residence in Kiawah Island. He is also considering investing in another Grek place in Minot, ND to get some diversity....

John "Messiah" K.

Anonymous said...

Ahh Allan,

The Gods are smiling upon you again with, as of tomorrow, another year of temporal existence you have been so granted.

May you live forever my old, old friend! And may you invest in Greece.

Southern Greece