Monday, May 02, 2011

NNVC - last chance to buy under $100

I've been posting about NanoViricides since it was 8c a share.  My $100 share projection by 2014 stands, with my leanings now toward a higher valuation and sooner  in light of every incremental step, as per the news above, that they are taking.  This is the real deal, the stock of a generation, of three generations and of the 21st century.  Have I made myself clear?



BigKahuna said...

Love the optimism. But, how can one not be with results like the string reported these past 4 or 5 weeks?

Lots more results to come between now and later: HIV, HSV, Dengue.

On track for that 2014 target? You bet.

Anonymous said...

I've done a web search and can't find any products made by this company.

Drano said...

Well duh, it's a development stage company that is in the process of testing/tweaking their drugs to be presented to the FDA for approval. If you want a company that already has such drugs out there, you are not going to get it at a bargain basement price with chances of 10 or 50 or 100-fold stock price appreciation.

Anonymous said...

Hi Allan,

Long nnvc myself and very excited about the prospects of this company. That said, just curious how you think it might be earlier than 2014 considering that regardless of which direction they go w the first treatment they decide to approach the fda for (looks like dengue or flu most likely)? It seems like it would take at least two years before fda approval of a commercially available cide, and would seem to take a couple of cides to hit that 100 dollar a share mark. Just curious as to your thoughts on this. I believe in 100 as well, just seems like it might be a little later than 2014. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Was that 100 dollars or cents by 2014? Neither looks very likely.