Friday, May 13, 2011

Driving without music

A mid-week AllAllan because  life happens between weekends.

I found myself driving without the radio today. No talk shows, no iPod, no music, just the silence of being alone.  This is what happens when there is one, where there once were two. I thought about it, about the market, about my daughters, about the beauty of the desert, about the weather, the road, the drivers, the women, so beautiful from afar, soft and tan, silky skin and flawless smiles, long flowing hair, everywhere, just everywhere.

But most of all, I thought about her.  Why this one, why did I fall so hard for so long, only to walk away and finally call it a game.   And game it was.  Back and forth, up and down, all the way to the end, when back didn't go forth, when down never came up.  There comes a time when you both know it.  From there, it's only a step away and this time I took it.

Driving in the car without music.  Your head filled with memories, all good.  But you and I know that wasn't the way it was.  That the bad filled our times together, first as a rare exception, then as an occasional storm and near the end, it seemed all bad. But you and I know that wasn't the way it was. Even at the end there were times that were good; rare but good, times of exception, a time of love.

Who knows where the time goes?

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What is your outlook on NNVC.OB now days?