Friday, October 08, 2010

Weekly Trend Models

I've been a stock trader for a long time, doing everything from day-trading, minute trading, swing trading and idiotic trading.  But I have never gotten into weekly trading, even though some of the most successful hedge funds in the world generate outstanding performance from long term position trades based on weekly charts.

Below are some examples of good performing weekly trend models.  In the spirit of past performance is not a guarantee of future results, along with Bob Prechter's thesis that something dramatic changed at the 2007 stock market highs, i.e. the beginning of a multi-year bear market that is now in its early stages, these particular charts using a weekly time frame and a low volatility setting illustrate that, yes, something has changed since 2007-8 and if it continues on its current path, weekly trend models should do very well in the years ahead.

DJIA Weekly Trend Model

NASDAQ Weekly Trend Model

XLF Weekly Trend Model

GOOG Weekly Trend Model

BIDU Weekly Trend Model

 GLD Weekly Trend Model

GORO Weekly Trend Model

 GSS Weekly Trend Model

REE Weekly Trend Model


Anonymous said...

Allan,you did very good with REE.

for an encore.....

can you find us some Yukon junior gold miners ?

before its too late

its probably too late already now.

Anonymous said...

looks like NNVC has finally bottomed, expect her to move smartly off the base any time now ...

mark my bottom price 1.06