Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NNVC - update

Below is a multi-year chart of the NNVC_Weekly Trend Model.  Particularly illustrative of the power of this model are the LONG signals.

The first LONG was in October of 2005, which was triggered at $0.30 after which NNVC ran to a high of $3.75 in about six months.  The next LONG was in February of 2008, which was triggered at $0.70 after which NNVC ran to a high of $1.78 in about 4 months.  Finally a LONG was triggered in September of 2009 at $0.93 after which NNVC ran to a high of $2.64 in May of 2010.

The next LONG will be triggered, as of today, at $1.58. That number is dropping with every new week and NNVC is very close to a Daily LONG signal which does allow entry well before the Weekly trigger.  As with any shorter term model, the Daily is more volatile then the Weekly and could reverse before mounting another drive up to the Weekly LONG trigger.  Or, the stock could run right up to the Weekly trigger and never look back.

Who has the patience to trade these Weekly models?  Those that like to win at this game.  There is a lot of angst around at how long NNVC is taking to convince the world that they are the new standard, the new paradigm in anti-viral treatment of some of the worlds most virulent diseases. One thing is for sure, the trend models will get on board this stock well before the news that will propel the share price to all time new highs and then some.



BigKahuna said...

As always, Alan, on the money.

Recent support indicates strength at .99. Resistance currently looks like 1.10, but hasn't really been tested yet. Perhaps NNVC will remain in that channel until the next event triggers buying? Then, off to the next highs?

Anonymous said...


I assume your long trigger signal is $1.08 and not $1.58 (typo) as you published.
I am looking for a break above $1.20 (a resistance level)with strong volume before I add to my core position.



Anonymous said...

I thought NNVC has turned the corner, but she is coming back down today to retest the support ...

A said...

Both. 1.08 on the Daily; 1.58 on the Weekly. Its really a matter of how you want to handle your trading, in and out, or a longer term strategy,

Anonymous said...

Allan, you have not been posting much, is everything okay ???

A said...

Been working long and hard on taking this blog to the next level, a new comprehensive web site. Yes, I've reduced the frequency of my posts, but, it will be well worth it in a few days.

Anonymous said...

Should today's news have had more of an impact on share price?

A said...

There is a lot there, it may take some time to digest. NNVC is a penny away from a short-term BUY.

Anonymous said...

Hi Allan, i found your blog looking for information about Provectus Pharma (PVCT) - an old article of yours and still valid today!

I didn't know NNVC, did some dd and it is now becoming my top 3 otc stock to trade with PVCT and CSDT. (and i only have 3 otc stocks...)

Please what is your view on PVCT stock and company and are you hearing what i also hear (potentially the next big thing for Cancer).
Kind regards