Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Gold and Silver 390 Minute Charts

Continuing on the 390 minutes theme, here are GLD and SLV 390 minute trend models:

My take away from these charts is that not only did the trend models give opportune entry signals, they also kept you in the two stocks for the entire extended run in share prices.


Anonymous said...

More NNVC, sorry

are you disappointed in the share price now as compared to where it was in May?

Are we overdue for some positive news?


A said...

Of course I am disappointed and I feel for everyone that got into this stock at higher prices. But remember this is a longer-term play and watching it too closely sets up the danger of frustration leading to capitulation via selling your shares. I know of no fundamental reason for concern, other then how long it is taking to get though all of the studies needed to progress toward New Drug Applications. But when they come the stock price should be commensurately higher.

As for any overdue positive news, I have no comment.


Anonymous said...

So far $1 is a strong support and we have been seeing rising volume over the last 5 days.


Anonymous said...

Allan, have been using this trend model (volatility system as it was originally named by the author) for my retirement account. Happy so far. Did some back testing. Interesting results. Have you tried his other systems from the book? I am mostly interested in Reaction Trend system. Also, what about the one he is using lately?


Anonymous said...

hello NNVC. rising volume. increasing price. interesting.
Still gotta clear the 34EMA at 1.09 (bounced off 34EMA several times on way down) and the minor peak at 1.19, but it's a good start.....

Anonymous said...

are you buying now above?

A said...

Re: Trend Model

I've taken the concept and put my own twist on it. As for his other stuff, haven't seen anything that comes close to trend models.

Anonymous said...

I want to see a fresh blog post for NNVC ,since the ceo gave his webinar today. I listened to it and have some thoughts.

Briefly here, I was impressed to see the list of credentialed people they have on the board and the research team, etc...thats all great...and the presentation showing the science and the results of tests is spectacular...literally curing diseases.

But lets hear that again and ask a question

Literally curing diseases,like HIV,dengue,eye diseases, etc etc

Now, closely being examined by the government military scientists...(for bioweapon development and bioweapon defense no doubt)...and so they know what these scientists know,

the question is ....WHY has the government been so lackluster about supporting this company and its research...
knowing now what they have achieved ...and how truly Revolutionary the science is.... something seems a bit odd to me .

What happens to the mega big pharma companies that have been on the governments team for years,that have been part of the big government big pharma money sucking system....what happens to that entrenched system when a new kid on the block comes into the fray with new technology....that WORKS BETTER and CURES these diseases....this becomes not a great blessing for the government and its crony pharma industry...it becomes a great threat to the establishment.
Patrick Cox of Breakthrough Technology newsletter calls these breakthrough developments

the word he uses is .....

disruptive technology .

because it is Paradigm shifting...game changing...it destroys the old technology ,makes the old systems obsolete. the old methods look primitive. these new breakthrough developments
destroy the mediocre systems that have been entrenched in government and pharma research for years.
WHAT IF the government doesnt want their systems disrupted like that?
What if they dont Want a real cure for HIV or cancer ,etc??
What would these breakthrough developments that are curing cancer do to the entire cancer/medical industry virtually overnight...if they were allowed to come to market?

A mega billion dollar (and many would say corrupt) medical industry would die out overnight.

Imagine cancer patients simply going into the doctor office to receive a vaccination that cures their cancer.
No more radiation,no more surgery, no more chemo industry. entire hospitals would be obsolete..etc etc.

So thats my thought and the question that will keep me awake at night is

Why doesnt the government support the research and the company NNVC ?

When a government is looking at the complete disruption of its entire medical industry by the advent of new companies like NNVC and BTIM, ISCO, PRWP, CUR,... companies like these that are discovering Cures for disease.....

it Must be seen as a Great Threat to the entrenched power and wealth of the medical corporate industry and the government that is married to it.

This breakthrough research needs to be moved to friendly supportive foreign countries that will allow the breakthrough technology to flourish and establish a new paradigm for real disease cure....it will not be allowed to happen here in the USA. the system is too corrupt here.

Thats what I'm wondering.

and if we see NNVC being stifled in the coming future,I may need to reduce my position,for this brilliant flower garden may not be able to bloom here...it may need to retool itself in another place like germany or Norway or china or someplace where it may develop unshackled.

Disruptive revolutionary breakthrough technology

in the USA.... its a good topic for debate.

Anonymous said...

I think there are too many proponents for humanity that would squelch your conspriracy theory.

Anonymous said...

"I think there are too many proponents for humanity that would squelch your conspiracy theory."

Nevertheless, a very interesting theory.

I wonder if a powerful known person ( political figure, entertainer, Talk show host ) would champion the cause, cause a stir, make the people that have the vote,at least be aware that there could be new horizons in the winds for fighting deadly diseases that have plagued mankind for much too long now.

Why so sure there is no truth to what this individual is trying to point out?

Have the " too many proponents for humanity" really come out yet?" There can be a great debate here.

NNVC is an amazing Company...taking much too long to be realized for its great potential.

This is just my humble opinion.

A said...

Must be seen as a Great Threat to the entrenched power and wealth of the medical corporate industry and the government that is married to it

This goes beyond just the medical power base, it permeates every aspect of our lives. There are chilling videos on YouTube, one of which I linked a while back. There are also the crackpots, which could be "false flag" type theories that are disseminated to taint all conspiracy theories with the ridiculous , thereby making the ones we should be paying attention to lost in mix.

A blog is coming on all of this.


Anonymous said...

Thank you ,Allan for hearing my request on this topic.

And to the poster whose frame of mind sounds a little like polyanna, who wants to call my thoughts a 'conspiracy theory'..... ..you would benefit by educating yourself a little more about the governments history of corruption regarding destroying cancer curing research and technology ....from the past,as well as the corruption of big pharma and the national cancer association in this process .

Google this and you will begin to get an education you seem to be missing.

Google - Royal Rife,Rife technology,Royal Rife cancer cure technology.

he was curing cancer in the 1930's with his genius technology.

Google Harry Hoxsey

Google Cancer cures in foreign countries.

Google these two words... Graviola + Upjohn

and read the story about how the Upjohn company kept hidden for 20 years the research it did on an Amazon rainforest herb ,graviola, that was found to cure cancer...in the 1970's.

This is just a start.

There's alot of interesting things a person can research about government /big business corruption ..... like Monsanto and its genetically engineered terminator seeds. and its corrupt efforts to control global food supply.

not conspiracy theories....conspiracy Facts.

Allan mentioned that the Gay lobby is powerful enough to force a company like NNVC with its HIV cure medicine to move forward...

maybe. but how about NNVC's Cancer Curing medicine....what happens to the entire USA cancer industry,a failing industry for patients but a mega billion dollar profit system for the industry....what happens to it when patients can go into a doctor's office, receive a vaccination and have their cancer cured.
Will the government just sit back and allow the entire cancer industry collapse like a dead dinosaur that it is?

I highly doubt it.

They take away the licenses of good doctors who have been curing people's cancer by alternative treatments.

This is the USA. If you need to cure cancer you need to travel abroad to achieve it.

Read more history ....read about Nikola Tesla and what Westinghouse and JP Morgan did to stifle him.

No amount of good intentioned humanists could muster the power to stop JP Morgan from stifling and destroying the work of Tesla.

Tesla was 100 years ahead of his time as a genius.
Maybe NNVC and its genius technological breakthroughs is also 100 years ahead of the time when the corrupt USA medical system will allow its citizens to be healed of diseases which NNVC can cure.

People are being told to be patient with their NNVC investment....wait about 2 years....

maybe we will need to wait about 40 years for the USA and the FDA to evolve away from its entrenched corrupt system.

very sad.

Watch the breakthrough technology emerge in countries like Japan, Germany,Sweden,Brazil,.....even Ireland is curing cancer.

just not allowed to happen here in the USA.