Monday, October 06, 2008


Nanoviricides market cap has taken a beating in the past few days due to the global equities bear market and a temporary and apparently innocuous "E" added to the end of the symbol. The Company put out a press release today, saying in relevant part:

The E reflects that the Company has not yet filed its Form 10-KSB, annual report to shareholders. The Companys symbol will return to NNVC.OB once the Form 10-KSB is filed. The Company anticipates it will file our annual report within the time provided and expects there to be no significant change in its financial statements.Commenting on this event, Eugene Seymour, MD, MPH, the Companys Chief Executive Officer, stated We want to assure our stockholders that nothing about the Company has changed. We remain committed to both our mission and our science and we will rectify this issue within ten days.

Following recently disclosed successful financing, we are now busy scheduling the follow-on studies against HIV as well as adenoviral EKC. We have received significant interest from several major pharmaceutical companies, as well as governmental and non-profit institutions for nanoviricides development against these diseases, he further added.

We are now gathering significant and valuable input for these studies from important stakeholders interested in furthering development of highly effective drugs against these major diseases, said Anil R. Diwan, PhD, President of the Company.

As for me, I've been buying NNVC under $1.00 and now under $0.75, adding to my positions. This is a rare opportunity to buy a stock on the cusp of significant company developments with global health ramifications. We have been given hints of substantial HIV progress that has yet to hit the media, but make no mistake, once it does, available shares will dry up as this stock will be bid up above previous all time highs.

We can only play probabilities in this game and the probabilities are on the side of a once in an investing lifetime buying opportunity with this stock.



Anonymous said...

Me too at 60 cents, I'm betting the ranch on 100,000 shares.


A said...

Don't forget my 10% when it crosses over $10/sh.

Anonymous said...

Why can't I puirchase NNVC through online accounts like Sharebuilder or E-Trade? It doesn't do enough volume...? How can I purchase it myself without paying a heavy brokerage bill?


Anonymous said...

why the delay in financial reporting?

Anonymous said...

I guess it depends on the broker. I can purchase it online with Scottrade (tho the fees are greater if the shares are trading under a dollar).


Anonymous said...

I was able to add to my position on Schwab for a flat $8.95 fee. I tried on IB a while back and it was more because of the per share rates.

Anonymous said...

I bought all of my shares thru eTrade

Anonymous said...

figured I'd post this link:

just some more press, plush a mention of the Oct 29th filing deadline.