Friday, August 08, 2008

Updates - SCA & NNVC

Earlier this week I had a 200% gain in SCA and implemented a trailing stop, which got hit this morning, preserving a 163% gain on the trade. The chart remains bullish, but allows for a drop to Fibonacci support between 1.90 and 2.25.

NNVC is intriguingly up today on nothing special volume, a reversal of a pattern of drifting lower on low volume. Press releases usually come at the beginning of the week and there is anticipation of news on either HIV studies and/or collaborations with a big Pharmaceutical company.

Here is a Daily chart of NNVC showing a break of the descending channel and a Buy signal basis the MACD:

Below is an Hourly chart of NNVC, Year-to-Date, showing a bounce off of support and targeting 1.80 for the move:



Anonymous said...

believe SCA has earnings monday evening.

Anonymous said...

Any more thoughts on HYGS or your previous statements still stand? I got in at 2.33

Anonymous said...


A said...

HYGS is forming a wedge/bull pennant along what appears to be a 50% retracement of the entire bull rally. The Daily MACD is oversold and looks to be close to turning up for a Buy signal. Neither of these patterns guarantees that the next move is up to new highs, but both are suggesting same. A break lower now would negate the bullish set-up, while a break up would confirm it. I am holding long here and will continue to do so unless these bullish patterns are negated.

Anonymous said...

Wow, SCA got a black eye today. How bad are the bond insurers going to have it, maybe, more importantly how long?