Sunday, August 10, 2008

Triangle-Trading Solars

As much as I like Solars for fundamental story stocks, they shine (sorry) as trading stocks, especially under the auspices of Triangle Signals. Here are three excellent Solar trading stocks:


Maybe my favorite Solar for trading, YGE is up over 200% the past year with the Triangle Signals, while a small net loss via Buy & Hold.


Note again, one year of trading weekly signals, a 5.12% loss B&H versus a 218% win trading Long and Short with the Triangles.


In a rough market this past year, a respectable 23.75% via Buy & Holding Solarfun, but an even more respectable +343.56% trading SOLF via the Triangle Signals.


That's it for my tutorial this weekend on Trading the Triangles from Market Club. There are numerous other permeations to this technique, such as using the Weekly Signals as a filter and then taking the Daily Signals in the direction of the Weekly Signal. What I have presented is the most basic, yet the most pragmatic use of the service for everyday trading.

Human nature being what it is, whacked, whether this kind of approach to trading appeals to any one individual will vary with the individual.

For me, I use the Weekly signals as a sort of traffic light, to keep on the right side of a trend. More importantly, I utilize the scan feature described in the prior blog to generate trading ideas, both long and short. There probably is nothing absolutely unique about the Triangles, or MC for that matter, that cannot be duplicated without the service. But for me, the data, charts and signals are so efficient and user friendly, it creates a sort of, lazy path to winning trades. Some traders can get by on their own, some need the extra ease that a service like MC and its Triangles provide.

In the marketplace and world of trading, every effective tool or aid creates an edge; and it's the edge that you have over others with whom you are competing that makes or breaks the trader.



Anonymous said...

Good to know about the solars....I'll put them in my MC portfolio and keep an eye on them. Funny, I was long TSL for the longest time until I lost my patience and did something else with the funds. Maybe now I can make some money off TSL.

>>But for me, the data, charts and signals are so efficient and user friendly, it creates a sort of, lazy path to winning trades.<<

I'm all about that.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to ask, any thoughts on MGI? Comes up on the scan list. I like that strong support for the last several months. But the triangles have not worked too well in the past. And maybe we need a stronger breakout first?

Anonymous said...

NWA and DAL just got monthly buy signals on Friday. The MC triangle tutorial suggests finding your entry point with the monthly, or weekly secondary, then play it with the weekly or daily. Would you agree with that?

**sorry, don't want to take up too much of your time - this is why I need a message board, so I can share the excitement and bounce ideas