Wednesday, May 14, 2008

NNVC news

Kick-off to an exciting summer for all NNVC shareholders? While we await actual test results from a number of ongoing studies, the wording of this description of an early June presentation provides much for us to think about.

A broad spectrum virivide and its application as a novel human anti-viral therapeutic system.

E. Seymour, A. Diwan, V. Boniuk, R. Barton
NanoViricides, Inc., US

nanomedicine, antivirals, therapeutics, H5N1

A new class of therapeutic anti-virals has been created utilizing the principles of nanotechnology. A broad-spectrum targeting molecule (ligand) is chemically attached to a polymer-derived nano-structure. Attachment to the viral particle via the sialic acid attachment system is accomplished. The envelope of the targeted viral particle is then destroyed. The now non-infectious genomic material escapes and is then destroyed by the cells of the immune system. Studies have been performed on animals infected with rabies, H5N1, human influenza, HIV, dengue, Ebola and the virus that causes epidemic keratoconjunctivitis. These studies have been done by various US government medical research agencies. Results of these studies and their implications for human anti-viral treatments will be discussed.



Anonymous said...


Long time reader. So this looks like you have put the faith in NNVC.OB much like solar stocks that made many people $100K plus over the last two years.

Thanks for your in depth research to help us small timers learn from the big dogs. And yes, I have read your book....

Dave Brown

A said...

Dave, that book was written in the late nineties, but this Blog is written today, so this Blog is the best way to keep up with my present thinking on things that could have an immediate impact on your riches.

As for NNVC and Solars, the former is where solars were 5 years ago, while Solars are already thriving in the marketplace. Yet they both represent the best stock market ideas I have, real time, real money.


Anonymous said...


Thanks! I know the book is dated but pretty cool you have one in print and you use the website to express things learned and mistakes made.

Your honest assessment is rare in the world and in bloggersville.