Saturday, May 17, 2008

All Grown Up?

I am leaving in a few hours for 10 days on the East Coast, to celebrate by youngest daughter's graduation from high school. Those of you who have been with this blog from the beginning know that this is no ordinary occasion. That much of the past four years my daughter's father has been caught up in his own romantic adventure, one that placed a distance between us, but a distance only of geography.

In a world moves in mysterious ways kind of miracle, that geographical distance brought us closer together then either one of us could ever have imagined. Family, that once meant so little, now means so much. One of the most wonderful benefits of the communications revolution of the past decade, the computer, the instant messages, the cell phones, text messages and sharing of even the most ordinary in our day-to day lives has kept us together while we have been apart.

So where I once labored under the torment of missing the final years of both my daughters' adolescence, it is apparent that I missed only the most cursory observations of their passing into adulthood. The growth of a child that is real, tangible, felt and forever, growth that manifests as the unfolding into maturity, of that wonder I have not missed a beat.

As for the fear of the parent of the time when their child is all grown up, I have learned that they are never all grown up. As with my parents and me, from the time of a child's emergence into the world, through the entire adventure that takes place along the continuum of days, weeks and years that follow, parent and child share a destiny of love, one that never grows up, never leaves home and with which we are never without.

Now the time has come to pack up the computer and head out the door for yet another milestone, in her life and in mine.



Unknown said...

Hi Allan,

Glad to hear you've gotten away.

I'm fortunate to spend a lot of time with my 4 year is so fragile.


Being new to this...I do have a question for you....or whomever else that frequents your blog.

I notice that on a lot of the Sally alerts....there is the following message:

"Note: Possible IPO"

I don't get it....I's already a public company.

Can someone please clarify this.

And where is Sally picking the possibility of this "IPO" up from the Form 4?

Thank you very much,
-Mike in San Antonio

Anonymous said...

As a divorced father who loved his three children terribly, and feared loss of children after divorce, and suffered through custody battles and many other single parenting struggles, I want to let you know that I appreciate your sharing your experiences and emotions regarding your situation. I can relate to your feelings. My youngest daughter graduated from college last week.

Anonymous said...


Very beautiful sentiments. As a Dad to two grown daughters I can attest to the strength of that special bonding....a forever kind of love that is not threatened by geography or time.

All the best to you and your daughters,

Anonymous said...

There are some timeless truths in the song, Teach Your Children Well, for every person in every generation. I like the song because it provides a foundation onto which we can frame all the deeply personal joys, sorrows, hopes and dreams that we silently share with our parents, our children and ourselves. It bridges our differences so nicely and gives each the freedom to be themself. That is a rare gift that keeps on giving.

Forgiveness and understanding and willingness to love in the midst of misunderstanding.


A said...

Roger, very nice, touching, beautiful, as I am heading out the door for the first of a weekend full of ceremony and celebration, now with CS&N providing the soundtrack.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of CS&N, I saw this gem the other night on American Idol. Nice duet!

Anonymous said...


We demand MORE BLOG POSTS!!!

- Paul- NYC

Anonymous said...


Agreed, some of us here in Canada have a boatload of C$ invested with you that's more than the US $ "funny money."

We NEED more frequent updates.


Unknown said...

Maybe someone can help me out here….

Please do the following:

a)Go to

b)In the “Enter Symbol” at the top left of the page…enter NEU

c)When the next page comes up…click on the wording “Advanced Charts” which appear underneath the chart which is shown.

d)If you’re reading this on Memorial Day weekend…prior to the opening bell on Tuesday, May 27th…you should see Friday, May 23rd’s stock movement and volume for Newmarket Corp. You’ll note that at 3pm and onward there was a heavy spike upward that keyed off of major I-Buying that the SEC began reporting around 3pm Eastern.

Here’s my question…

For other theories that I want to test…does anyone know of good historical intra-day charting like this?

I want to be able to punch in an exact past date for a symbol…sometimes 2 months or 2 years in the past…and be able to pull up a nice zoomed in intra-day chart like this…along with related volume indicators.

Any thoughts?

Thanks for your consideration,