Saturday, May 10, 2008

NNVC Executive Summary

With NNVC up over 100% from my April 1st heads-up, let's review why these shares are to be held tight and why this is only the beginning of what we expect to be a medical-financial juggernaut of historic proportions. I found this post on Yahoo's message board, but the author clearly understands the underlying story and tremendous potential of this company and it's shares.


What they have is a "cure-all" for an estimated 90% of all viral disease.

The drugs of NanoViricides are NOT VACCINES, but rather are anti-viral agents that directly attack virus particles in the bloodstream. The drugs contain unique nano structures that bind with virus particles (and only with virus particles) and physically pull them apart and destroy them (the company's web site has an electron microscope image of this process taking place).

The treatments of NanoViricides do not make use of, or even require the presence of a functioning immune system in the host animal. Again, these drugs are NOT VACCINES, but rather are direct CURES for viral disease.

It so happens that the drugs of this company are very broad spectrum across many viral diseases, and do not have to be specifically targeted relative to strains or mutations. Unlike bacteria, there are no viruses that are beneficial for or symbiotic with the functioning of the human body, so there's never an issue of having to limit the spectrum of effect, or the need to design a drug to kill some viruses while not harming others.

The nano materials are created from natural materials which are otherwise inert and ignored by the human body, and eventually are filtered out of the bloodstream in a few weeks time.

This treatment is truly revolutionary, unlike any approach that has ever been brought to medical science. If successful, the drugs of NanoViricides will be for the treatment and cure of viral disease what Penicillin was 80 years ago for the treatment and cure of bacterial disease.

All this being said... there are significant hurdles still to pass regarding testing and approval, and the possibility exists for failure. However, in all previous tests both in vitro and in vivo, the treatments of NanoViricides have shown significant efficacy against a multitude of viral diseases, and have never elicited any side effects. With each reported successes of a pre-clinical animal trial, the probability that the approach will eventually fail or need to be discarded seems all the more remote.

The company currently has studies in progress (or about to begin) for their treatments for Ebola, HIV, Dengue Fever, H5N1, Human Flu, EKC (Epidemic Keratoconjunctivitis), and others. Recent published successes with Ebola and HIV have propelled the share price over 300% so far this calendar year, and results from additional drug treatment trials relative to these and other diseases are expected in the coming weeks.

The CEO of the company, Dr. Eugene Seymour, projects that in five years, if all continues to go well, NanoViricides could have five or more drugs fully approved and on the market, each with revenues of one billion dollars. With a current share price of $1.30, the market cap of NanoViricides is now roughly $150M, which is about one five hundredth (1/500th) of the market cap of Merck. If one assumes that a bio tech company with approved proprietary drugs to cure most viral disease would end up with a market cap of one fifth that of Merck, that would project eventual price for NNVC stock to be well over $100 a share. If market cap eventually EQUALS that of Merck, then the share price could reach $500 a share (pre split).

Great discussions over on Investors Hub.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update on your blog, Allen. I have been a long term shareholder in NNVC for years. I was involved in one of few private placements that they have done. The beautiful thing about this stock is they do not need any PIPE money to continue with the testing now that we have the gov't conducting testing on 3 of their product lines. John

Anonymous said...

There is no question that the future of this company is unbelievable. Good results on any one of the viruses they are attacking and this stock's potential is unlimited. Results on one or more drugs are expected anytime which is one reason why I believe it will not drop back down but just go higher from here.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, unbelievable is right. I don't believe it. This company is nothing but a PR machine. No results. In their latest SEC filing they said they would run out of money by the end of June. Not giving them mine! Always read the fine print, people. More toxic financing on the way at the expense of current shareholders.

Chirag said...

Thanks for the blog and posts Allan... I must hit refresh at least 10 times a day hoping for a new post and I can't thank you enough for sharing your ideas and research.

I was actually going to ask fellow bloggers and NNVC shareholders how they plan to continue with their investment in NNVC -- buy more even at increasing prices, hold what they initially put in or profit-taking? I was thinking originally that I would hold my initial position though the last two posts from Allan

On a side note, what's with all the negative anonymous posts?

A said...

I would hold my initial position though the last two posts from Allan

As good an exit strategy as any, cdd13.

As for the skeptics, they appear on every public forum, must be something about the inherent anonymity of the Internet that nurtures hostility and animosity.


Anonymous said...

Another stock similar to NNVC is DIGL. They first reported their positive EBITA earnings for the first time in several years.

What do you think about this one A?

Chirag said...

Just saw my last post made no sense... I was meaning to say that I would hold my initial position and just let it ride for hopefully 3-5 years of glorious breakthroughs in treatments and skyrocketing stock prices. The last two posts from Allan definitely gave me much more of a reason to not slowly take out profits.

Anonymous said...

Not sure how digital networks are the same as drugs, but whatever. Profit taking is a good idea on so little information. The PR they put out was weak and filled with hype. Didn't say how effective the treatment would be. I'm selling until I get more definitive info.

Anonymous said...

What they have is a cure-all? This isn't research, just mindless bluster.

A said...

Speaking of viruses, it appears that we have been infected by a basher, a particular basher who has been banned and removed from the iHub NNVC board on several occasions. I will take steps to rid this blog of this idiot, but for now, be forewarned that there are sleazy characters out there with hidden agendas.

Anonymous said...

Allan, while there may be a basher in our midst, I hope you leave room here for non-cheerleaders. I was about to buy into this stock until I found out they don't own any technology.

A said...

TheraCour is the holding and development company for the technology. The patent and proprietary knowledge is held by TheraCour which then licenses the use to other entities. TherCour was incorporated by NNVC's president Anil Diwan to take over the technology from his original development company, Allexcel.

TheraCour has licensed its technology for use against viruses to NNVC in perpetuity. Dr. Diwan, the owner of TheraCour is the chief inventor and lead researcher as well as President of NNVC. TheraCour holds ~28% of NNVC's common stock and therefore has a substantial vested interest in the success of NNVC. Dr. Diwan also holds about 9% of NNVC, giving him about 37% of NNVC's shares and a major interest in the success of NNVC.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your work and excellent info, Allan!!!

curt504 said...

I suppose yesterdays sell off from $1.45 makes this a buy?

tnx curt

Anonymous said...

Allan, more GREAT news this morning! NNVC has been invited to give an institute-wide presentation to the CDC today!

Also, I see your basher up above! Looks like four comments -- 12:31p, 8:43p, 8:49p, 11:44a -- that clearly have a negative agenda, and either twist or fabricate "facts" to serve his undisclosed purpose. Maybe works for an off-shore shorting group? A special place in hell???

Keep up the great work, Allan!