Saturday, May 03, 2008

Allan, Why no new posts?

Allan, Why no new posts? Lots of money being made...

My bad, I should have told all of you. I have been asked to help coach the Detroit Red Wings during the Stanley Cup playoffs.

I know what you are thinking, "What good can he do them in Arizona?"

Well the obvious answer if often the correct one:

Karma knows no geographical bounds.

Sitting here in the desert in front of my TV, I am as helpful as if I was standing behind the bench. Plus, management was concerned that my presence in the locker room would be a distraction. So I have been communicating through our private chat facility.

As for the money to be made, you should have already cleaned up on the solar stocks if you were trading them and if you were buying and holding them, the best is yet to come.

But the big winner in the weeks ahead is going to be Nanoviricides. Reports from at least three research studies are due this month, but the biggie, the one that will cause you all to remember me and this Blog for the rest of your lives, is due a little later in June, or maybe July. That's the HIV study.

If this is not enough to keep everyone busy in front of their computers, my latest idea is to short the agriculture stocks, you know, recent parabolic freaks that include POT, AGU and DE.

If you remember what happened to Google earlier this year, or the financial stocks, it appears now to be Agriculture's time at the salon.

Well, guess what.......Philadelphia just eliminated Montreal from the playoffs. Looks like the Red Wings will be needing my scouting of the Flyers now. Amazing, an all Pennsylvania Eastern Conference Final.

I love this job.



BigKahuna said...

Allen, although HIV studies may finish first this month, I think the real winner will be Epidemic Keratoconjunctivitis. Yeah, I know, it's not known and it's hard to pronounce. But, the thing is it is a major cause of blindness, it can be treated by a viricide in eyedrops, there is no one out there working on a treatment and EKC has a market potential of $5 billion. Regarding eyedrops, that is a topical application and if the test bunnies don't show a reaction to the viricide, it can go straight to IND and NDA.

Did I mention the market for a cure is $5 billion with no competition?

Anonymous said...

the interest and hype continues with NNVC. think about has/had a great technology that cured cancer!!! In 'in vivo' tests, a vectored salmonella bacteria, without API (active pharmaceutical ingredients) cleared up cancer lesions (pictures were published). A prominent biotech analyst wrote up about the technology and its value potential projected at $200 a share. It is now trading at about a$1. What happened....I don't know!!! NNVC's technology looks promising but untill it clears the clinical trials, projecting its value to $200 is extremely risky, I might add an exaggeration.

A said...

Did I mention the market for a cure is $5 billion with no competition?

Hi Dr. FG, good to see you posting here. For the uninitiated, Dr. FG is the Internet's preeminent NNVC scholar and I'm talking here about the science behind the company as much as the company itself.

What is also encouraging is the spate of detractors who believe that every failed stock is the poster child for not owning these shares.

Reminds me of a dentist I had in my Georgia days, his brother-in-law was one of the founders of Genentech. He passed on buying the IPO in 1980, "too risky" he always lamented with his fingers in my mouth. 100 shares of Genentech in 1980 at $35.00 a share is today worth 5,040 shares at $67.24 per share. Not that I think NNVC is comparable to DNA at the earliest stages of their respective seems NNVC may have more going for it then DNA did in 1980.