Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Two EXPLOSIVE Opportunities



Anonymous said...

BTJ in oil? It seems to be performing well compared to the rest.

Also Allan, I think DIGL is a good play, given the ramp in Fiber optic spending.


joe said...

Thank you Allan. As a full time trader I recently funded my own "Definened Benefit Plan" and hold both of these in that Tax Deferred Account at Schwab. Many people who qualify for their own "DBP" are not aware of the huge Tax advantage. I am adding more PTSC on the pullback and looking forward to the upcomming $.06 dividends all tax deferred!

Anonymous said...

Hi Allan,

I am a newcomer to your site and already appreciate the openness you show in sharing information here. Thank you for that.
I know you point our attention to Appolo Gold below. I am no expert at gold mines, but here is a link to an analysis of a few other mines, the criterions of which may be useful in evaluating our own opportunities here. I thought i would share it as well...
Thank you again for your tips: i am now a PTSC holder myself, and holding tight...
Looking forward to exchanging more ideas in the future..



A said...

AGT chart looks great, if I had thought about it, I would have titled this Blog, "Three EXPLOSIVE Opportunities" and included AGT as the third pick.


Mark said...

Okay, I missed PTSC the first time you recommended it, but I bought it this morning. My broker calls it a pump and dump company, but I think you are right.

A said...

My broker calls it a pump and dump company

Well, he should know....


Anonymous said...

Dear Allan,

Thanks for the in-your-face, pounding-the-table, CAPS LOCK heads up.

Please point me to NNVC's balance sheet. I checked Yahoo, Pinksheets, and the company site but came up empty.

Anonymous said...


Any news on XDSL? The stock has done relatively nothing for awhile now, despite any positive news regarding Nanotech.

Anonymous said...

Hi A:

I have sell stop orders in on all my positions except PTSC. I will ride this one to the moon or into the crapper (hopefully, I learned the hard way not to do both).


A said...

Any news on XDSL?

Nope, nor was there news on NNVC or PTSC for a long time before they exploded up.


Anonymous said...

ALAN is worth watching now. News is imminent whether LA will buy their prisoner tracking technology. The LA County jail system is a Rubik's Cube of problems, a virtual zoo. There is more simmering trouble in that gulag than any State prison anywhere. Video cameras don't cut it. It's not the end of the world if ALAN doesn't get a big contract, but the stock will rock if they score one. Lots of other possibilities are in the pipeline. ALAN is an unglamorous niche play.

Stock price probably got a bump up from this mention: