Wednesday, March 15, 2006

PTSC - perspective

I ran across this post over on Raging Bull and with PTSC getting hammered this week, I thought it was worth repeating here:

"I think everyone needs to take a chill pill. Your lives would be alot less tressful if you didn't sit on these boards all day. Stocks like these weren't meant to be watched by the minute/hour. If you bought because of the company's potential and are long, then why stare at each trade and panic or rejoice?
One thing to keep in mind is the dividend...or have you (those running around like headless chickens) forgot about that? A company, let alone a BB, rarely issues back-to-back dividends....unless they're desperate or holding pocket aces...I don't think this is a good time to think they're bluffing. Stay long & strong if that's intention, but enough with the whining."



Anonymous said...

Of interest to me is the spacing of recent press releases. It was eight days after the first dividend was announced that the Casio licensing agreement was disclosed. It has now been seven days since the second dividend was announced. Personally, I am willing to gamble that another disclosure of a licensing agreement is imminent. The .04 per share dividend means something.....or else the management is nuts.


Anonymous said...

Hi A:

PTSC filled the gap at $1.19.

How many times have we seen that happen? I mean, how predictable is that? Don't we all know gaps are there to be filled?

But how many of us greedy, dumb, make the same mistake over and over again, dopes, traded out at $2+ and put our buy orders in at the bottom of the gap: $1.19.

My guess is NONE of us!

When will we ever learn.


Anonymous said...

I take that back.

David Gordon did. No, he doesn't dabble in micro-caps, so he didn't.

But he would have known, he just wouldn't have told us.

Hi David ;-)


Anonymous said...

Here is another example:

NNVC gaped up on 1/10/06 from $1.49 on 1/9/06, NNVC filled that gap on 2/6-7/06.

Any of us could have sold as high as $2.60 and put a buy order in at the bottom of the gap: $1.49 and got back in with a very nice trading profit. This should have been an easy prediction, technical analysis 101 for dummies. Did any of us do it?

I actually sold at $1.85 for a nice trading profit (got in at $.10) but never put a buy order back in at the bottom of the gap, so I am missing out on the current run up.

Lessons learned?

I hope so.


tjbrune said...

i hate that when i di that !!!
som i din't do it least not with winners. i'm very amateurish at this game, but i have really tried to learn from some of my past idiocies. i used to hang on to loosers, and sell winners too soon. so, i set my tollerted loss, and if i have a winner, but want profits, i sell a quarter to a third. on big run ups, maybe sell another 1/3. if i like the story, i'll buy back on dips. i started out at 0.24 on NNVC...maybe $ 7,000. i have pocketed close to $ 50k, and still have 15,000 shares. wish i had more, but my selling 5k shares @ 2.40 last week is why we are @ 3.50 now !!!
i hope you get a chance to get back in.