Thursday, March 02, 2006


Generex Biotechnology filed an SEC Form 4 Thursday after the close on behalf of one of its Directors, Brian McGee, who purchased 70,000 shares of GNBT on February 28. He paid $2.21 per share for a total investment of just under $155,000.

Director i-Buys don't carry the same significance as i-Buys by Officers, especially CEO's and CFO's. But they are not to be scoffed at either. So we look further.

GNBT is selling at about $2.30/share and sports a market cap of about $141M. This is a relatively small market cap for a biotechnolgy company with any kind of prospects. So we look further.

GNBT has a number of irons in the fire, but the ones that got my attention were their RapidMist™, that administers medications directly into the mouth as a metered-dose spray, for rapid absorption by the buccal mucosa and GNBT's subsidiary, Antigen Express, which focuses on the stimulation or supression of T cells to "virtually any antigen of known pathogenic potential." (Read: Bird Flu)

Last week Antigen met with the FDA to plan commencement of clinical trials for their vaccine for the avian flu.

With all this looking around, this is what we see: Insider Buying, Small Market Cap, Low Stock Price, Oral Insulin and a Bird Flu Vaccine.

One more thing, a morphine mouth spray:

Morphine & Fentanyl

"Generex has completed proof of concept studies with a buccal spray form of Morphine and Fentanyl for the treatment of breakthrough pain. Phase I clinical trials results reveal that both the Morphine and Fentanyl spray can be safely used in human and addresses the shortcomings of the current delivery routes to treat breakthrough and post operative pain".

You have to own this company.


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