Friday, March 03, 2006


I found this post on Raging Bull today (Friday). Those wondering what to do with their PTSC may consider it:

The patent covers EVERY computer chip manufactured that is larger then 100-120MHZ (which is every computer in the world today) from 2000 until 2015. We are talking about billions of dollars. You better go back and do your DD on this one, its going to be huge.



Anonymous said...

Ok OK I give up, I'm in. I can't sit this one out anymore. Should have listened and bought with the rest of you a couple of weeks ago.

I have now come to realize that I am just better off buying anything and everything that Allan even mentions in passing, chances are it will take off like a rocket. Call it the Allan Harris effect.


A said...

Greg, welcome aboard. Of course it would have been nice in retrospect to Buy on Valentines Day at $0.28 when I first wrote about PTSC. But the real bang-the-table post was on Wednesday, "Can You Hear Me Now?" At $1.09 it was clear that something was going on. Up about 50% from that post. Hopefully in a few months it won't matter to any of us what we paid for PTSC.


Anonymous said...


"Hopefully in a few months it won't matter to any of us what we paid for PTSC."

I am counting on that Allan!

Actually, I had ignored PTSC up till now because I was holding on tight to three other rocket ships that were taking off at the same time: ALNY, RNAI, CYTR. How many of these wild rides can a person handle at one time? Just none took off as fast as PTSC, but the ride has still been great. This week has been my most profitable since 1999.

I have also been very distracted by something else that you can partially take the blame for. You may not recall, but you once told me that your days in youth hockey were some of your best memories. That endorsement helped me decide to let my kids start youth hockey four years ago. This season I volunteered to be the manager for my oldest son's Bantam 1B team. What they forgot to tell me at the time was that meant I also volunteered to serve as the Tournament Director for the Bantam 1B State Hockey Championships which our club is hosting. This has been like a full time job for the past two months, not to mention three kids on three different teams which means I am at a hockey rink 12 times a week. It's killing me, but it will all be over in eight more days.

Oh yeah, I also work a full time job somewhere in there too.

OK enough excuses, I on board now.

Let get ready to rrrrrrumble!!!!!


DEBBY said...

Found this place a few weeks back and have waited on this stock to see how it would fair. It's done great and now I will add to my holdings. I have been following another stock ACTG with good patents and may add it too.

Had found out about ANNY and RNAi shortly before I found this site, but haven't bought into either. So I have to find a way to add them too.

I've owned GNBT for months and should have bought more when it was at 87 cents a couple of months ago, but I found some junior mining stocks and put the money there instead. They're doing great so it was a good move.


Anonymous said...

OXGN - Some significant insider buy today and over the last 6 months by others above current price per share.

A -
Do you guys have any insight on OXGN?

ilene said...


We bought some oxgn. There's a conference today,

Their drug needs to be used in combination with other chemotherapy drugs, which makes it hard for me to evaluate. So, I'm still thinking about it, I like the insider buying though.

Anonymous said...

Ilene -

Thank you for giving it some thought. There is more i-buying today. Combined now 270K over last week.

A -

DLGI close to where you recommended it again. Was that a short term play on your part or are you holding a stake for more upside?

A said...

K - I took a small but quick profit in DLGI, more of a portfolio management issue then anything else, was carrying more stocks then I could keep up with....I try to limit by B&H portfolio to ten names, was up to eighteen and DLGI was one that was let go. Everything still as it seemed from my original write-up:


Anonymous said...

wathc FORG tomorrow. they bascially own patents for Images lol(JPEG format which is almost all photos you see on web/dig cameras) and DVR patents.
earningas tomorrow. 25M shares 2 bucks? lol settled with google. watch out.