Sunday, October 09, 2011

Another Sunday Night

These thoughts and feelings were first published here a couple of years ago. I ran across them again tonight. Who was this man so full of hope, expectation and faith? What does he feel, what does think, who does he dream of in the dark corner of another Sunday night?

I am not sure what needs to be said here. The words and melody, a soft and raspy voice, melodious, tranquil; the synthesis of age and beauty creating a portrait of the artist as an old man.

A mirrored testament of a life serene, if only for this passing moment.

Sunday is my personal day, a time for reflection and rest, a day to share some personal joy, or angst as these later years seem to prefer.

Something unwritten, unsaid, seeks release with the harmonies, the words, the music and the sentiment his art.

In the end, subtly and unfinished, it leaves an image of our lives, expressed in a song, delicate, vibrant, eloquent.

It remains one of my favorites, a Best-of-Allan, for all that it says about love and life, for all that is says about you and me.

Find someone to love, then love her.


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