Thursday, October 13, 2011

On Steve Jobs

On the day Steve jobs died, I posted a note to my subscribers regarding the technical analysis of AAPL. One of my subscribers, a very bright and supportive subscriber who has been with me a very long time wrote me an, "how dare you" message, accusing me of an insensitivity that I cannot deny. As an Apple customer, shareholder and advocate since 1987, I could have instead written a sad post of his passing. My bad.

Death follows us with its icy stare and constant patience throughout our lives. For Jobs, death was a part of his life in the later years. No wealth, nor personal accomplishments could possibly compensate for those years he endured, waiting for the end. We all waited with him, knowing there was nothing short of a medical miracle that could stave off the inevitable. His strength and courage right up to the end was an inspiration for all of us who felt we knew him and worked with him every day we opened our MacBooks, or answered our iPhones. I loved that man. Not because I knew him, but because he knew me.

As each of us move toward the inevitable, we have the choice to exert the strength and courage to live our lives with the passion that was Steve Jobs. I have made some extreme decisions along the path that winds through my days. I have hurt myself and those that love me as I always chose the trail least traveled. Along that way, I have touched the beauty and felt the pain that fell upon the life I have chosen to live. Yet nothing I have done can ever be compared with the accomplishments of a man who traveled with death every day of his latter years. We live with his legacy every day, with every key stroke, every ringtone, every iPad.

Steve Jobs is an eternal inspiration and his passing left the world a lessor place, as his life made the world a better place.

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