Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Reason to Believe

I can tell from the statcounter that not a lot of folks are hitting these very personal reflections of my life.  That's ok with me, I'm writing these mostly for myself so that one day I can look back and remember. I would be surprised if any my past loves stop by and read these.  Even if they did, they would never be sure if it was written about them, or someone else I have been with along the way. The common thread through it all is my search for love and how lost I have become. There certainly have been enough, one lasting decades, some lasting only a few months, some easily romantic, some comfortable and affectionate. Then there was this last one;  intimate, volatile and oh so close to being the one.

These songs that accompany my musings always have something to do with what I am going through at the time, or one particular love I just lost along the way.  This last one though, still fresh in its downfall, is described in Tim Hardin's words, written just for her. An expression of evolution, of demise, of two hearts beating as one, finding a way to say goodbye.

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