Sunday, January 03, 2010

Weekly stock ideas






I will be including Weekly stock ideas in the subscription service described in the previous Blog.  Worth the price of admission, in and of itself.



Unknown said...


regarding your weekly listing here....a rough analysis and question...

Again....these are just rough numbers for analysis...

Based on the Weekly Buy and Sell indicators....I see a recap as follows:

MSFT>Bought @ $16...Sold @ $30
Return of 185%

GS>Bought @ $60...Sold @ $180
Return of 300%

GOOG>Bought @ $350...Sold @ $600
Return of 170%

AAPL>Bought @ $100...Sold @ $200
Return of 200%

BIDU>Bought @ $150...Sold @ $400
Return of 266%

Clearly GS @ 300% provided the best return for this time period....

Maybe this is the million dollar question...but here goes anyway...

Do you use any type of oscillator or indicator...possibly a MA type...that focuses on a tradeable's propensity for return...relative to other tradeables?

Ford is another went from $1 to $10...1000%

With extremely low cap stocks...I know that often this is a function of low float...but for high volume tradeables is there a propensity factor you consider?


A said...

What you see is what you get: keeping it simple here.

Anonymous said...

The past 2 years were historical and ideal for trend following system. We may not get such good performances in other years

Anonymous said...

Although true trend followers shouldn't make assumptions on what may happen, the person above makes a valid point.

This year reminds much of 2003.



Unknown said...

talk about steering clear of whipsaws....

these weeklys are a nice addition.

thanks for posting.


Anonymous said...

50 bucks a month, I cannot afford it, geez

Unknown said...

Hi Allan,

I am a Singaporean who has been monitoring your blog for quite some and am quite impressed with your to date results.

As I leave in country where the timezone is totally inverted to that of USA, hence I would like to subscribe to your trading signals and have my broker execute the daily trading signals in my account. Can arrangements be made?

(In terms of confidentiality purposes, I believe my broker would be willing to sign an agreement with regard to not distributing the trading signals generated)

Please let me know at your convenience at

Thanks so much!

Tazman said...


Nice work..will be signing up today. Question....if I start with $10K...what stop is utilized with TZA/TNA?...Also my take would to be ALL in with 10K start as you will have some loss as it rolls.


Esoterictrader said...

Is TZA shortable?

A said...

Re: Stops

No stops are used in these Models. The robust nature of switching from LONG/SHORT serves as its own best protective mechanism.

Re: Singapore

Emails get sent to whatever email address I have on file.

Tazman said...

Thanks I assume you get the pivot points @ times during the even if the system went down....notification or your software....the trader would have enough info to continue with no stop for a period of time?


A said...

Re: Tazman

All time frames will always have the next switch-pivot, so only the hourly model's function might be compromised if I was offline for a few hours to a day. The Daily and Weekly Models would be virtually unaffected.

BTW, the last time I was offline during market hours was 1997.

Anonymous said...

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