Monday, January 04, 2010

Pounding the table

Now that technical analysis has chimed in on NNVC, what is the fundamental story?  Especially for new readers of AllAllan who have arrived here in search of the holy grail Trend Following Model, below is an excellent summary of the case for NNVC, taken from a recent post at the iHub NNVC forum.

 From iHub NNVC Forum
"I just sent the following to Jeff Tannenbaum at Bloomberg:

"Hi Jeff,

"Just read your article on Bloomberg regarding the flu. Nice work. Although I'm not in the medical field (other than having been an EMT years ago), I am an interested investor who immerses myself into promising technologies. In this case, I'd like to bring to your attention a Connecticut based company by the name of Nanoviricides (NNVC:OTC) that is making some impressive strides on many fronts in the area of virology. Techno-babble aside, here's how it works. The company has developed a nano-sized polymer to which it attaches what is known as a targeting ligand. The ligand acts as bait to the targeted virus by making the virus believe it is a cell it is supposed to infect. Once the virus binds to the ligand, the polymer then envelopes the virus and dissolves its capsid (the outer membrane) thereby destroying the virus.

"The company is nearing completion of animal studies on herpes HSV-1 and 2 (with a 99.99% reduction of viral load), Epidemic Keratoconjunctivitis (viral pink eye) (the only treatment that resolved disease in rabbit models), rabies (which is 100% fatal once signs appear; however, in this case a 30% survival rate), and HIV (demonstrated superior efficacy in mouse models to current HAART drug combo in use today with no side effects).

"In addition the company is in Pre-cinical testing with drugs for H5N1, H1N1 and all other influenzas, ebola, and dengue fever.

"What makes these drugs so novel is that unlike vaccines, nanoviricides do not rely on the subject's immune system to mount an immune response. They simply circulate in the bloodstream looking for viruses to destroy. This is particularly important for end-stage AIDS patients whom have no immune system left to stimulate. The other interesting feature is that nanoviricides are broad spectrum thereby preventing viruses to escape via mutation.

"The company has been involved with the most prestigious governmental and nonprofit educational/health research institutions throughout the United States and abroad for the past few years. Following are news and PRs of recent accomplishments. What amazes me about this company is that with so much in works, it remains under the radar. As a matter of disclosure, I currently own no shares in the company; however, I will be reinvesting once the company moves into human testing and announces favorable toxicology results in humans. If successful, this will change the paradigm of viral treatments."

NanoViricides, Inc. Reports that HIVCide-I Was Significantly Superior to the Current Anti-HIV Three Drug Cocktail Standard
The Novel Mechanism of Action of HIVCide-I Defines a New Class of Anti-HIV Drugs -Monday August 11, 7:00 am ET

NanoViricides, Inc. Signs Rabies Agreement with CDC for Expanded Research
Study to Evaluate Usage Strategy for further Development towards Drug Approval -Monday August 4, 7:00 am ET

NanoViricide's EKC Eye Drug Candidate Stopped Clinical Conjunctivitis Pathology
Statistical Data Analysis Revealed Excellent Efficacy Using Clinical Scores in Animal Study; Confirmed Photographic Findings

NanoViricides in Discussions with Pharma about EKC Eye Drug Candidate
Non-Disclosure Agreements Signed; Meetings Scheduled, says Company

NanoViricides' EKC Eye Drug Demonstrates Significant Therapeutic Efficacy in Initial Animal Trials
First Treatment Success against a Non-Enveloped Virus

Anti-HIV NanoViricide Drug Candidate Demonstrates Significant Therapeutic Efficacy in Animal Trials
Positive Initial Results Pave the Way for Definitive Follow-Up Studies

Nanoviricides Found Highly Effective against Ebola by USAMRIID Interview with Eugene Seymour, MD, MPH Chief Executive Officer NNVC

Link to transcripted highlights of the interview

New Images Show Virus Dismantled by Broad-Spectrum NanoViricides
Electron Micrographs Confirm Virus Destruction
Thursday May 31, 5:45 pm ET
NanoViricides Drug Effectiveness Confirmed against Rabies and Influenzas

Nanoviricides, Inc. and U.S. Defense Dept. Agency
Sign Joint Research and Development Agreement to Fight Dengue Fever
Dengue Fever Treatment R&D Comes as Disease Surges in Hot-climate Regions
Monday April 9, 7:05 am ET

NanoViricides, Inc. Achieves Broad Success in Initial FluCide-I™ Anti-Influenza Studies;
Company Says That Nanoviricides™ is Now a Proven Platform To Attack Bird Flu


JAPO said...

Hi Allan,

Please take a look at this daily chart:

I think GLD is in buy signal, confirmed by my trade follower and the stochastic oscillator.

However this is only valid in the daily chart. The weekly one is still in correction:


Anonymous said...

Allan, Most of these posts were from 2008, and still no price breakthrough.
I think the good Doc was toking some medical ganja when he said he expected NNVC to be on the AMEX or NAZ in early 2010.

A said...

I changed the title of this post to "Pounding the table" which is a step up in enthusiasm from "Banging the table" (Source: Encyclopedia of Investment Cliches, yet to be published, Allan P. Harris).

Govern yourselves accordingly.


Anonymous said...

Hi Allan, Great write up on NNVC by Agora Publishing posted on Ihub board.