Monday, January 04, 2010

NNVC Buy Signal

NNVC Daily Buy > 0.87

NNVC Weekly Buy > 0.73


Anonymous said...

Hi Allan,
I just signed up for your subscription and was wondering how often or how soon I will start receiving your emails? I am assuming you get my email address from Paypal. Is this correct?

I look forward to seeing if you can help me be a more successful trader.

A said...

So far this is a "one man shop," nonetheless, I have an efficient system here and unless you sign up in the middle of the night (my night, not yours), your first email should arrive within about 15 minutes my receiving notice from PayPal of your subscription.

If anyone doesn't receive their first email within an hour or so of signing-up please write me at:


Anonymous said...

check out the PUT/CALL ratio spike again today a spike but not as much as few days ago.


Anonymous said...


I always have a doubt on the trigger point. Taking your NNVC chart as example, if using end of bar as trigger for entry, all trades are losing trades for both daily and weekly right? Or i am making some stupid mistakes? Thanks