Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Trading - NNVC

About one month ago I introduced a simple breakout trading system for NNVC. Here is a follow-up bringing the signals up to date along with some observations.

First, the chart:

You can always click these charts to enlarge them. Note how NNVC has been on a Sell, so if you were trading this method you would have missed or been short today's decline. The bad news is that if you are ever out of or short NNVC and they make a big splash on CNBC, you were penny wise but pound foolish. The flip side of that is there is always a 50% chance of being Long when the big news is made, or that the big news will just be one in a series of mega announcements.

This is a continuation of the trading table from early August. A few observations: Trading the triangle signals Long and Short netted a return of 298% for the five months of signals. Trading only the Long signals and being flat the Sells returned 175%. Buying and Holding NNVC during the five months returned 75%.

Finally, you don't have to trade your entire position, especially since there is a pretty good chance of blockbuster news coming at any time. But even trading just half your position using Market Club Triangle Signals may be a fun idea to sharpen trading skills, increasing NNVC returns while waiting to become rich and keeping this stock on your front burner, something I highly recommend.



Anonymous said...

I liked the peak oil video. The market does not seem to agree with that theory at the moment. Could we have an update on your opinion of DIG and DUG, and thus the commodity sector in general?

A said...

Obviously my switch from DUG to DIG, i.e. bearish to bullish on oil, was premature, if not completely wrong.
Until the charts say otherwise, I am flat energy and generally short equities (except long-term story stocks such as NNVC).