Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Navigating the Q’s

First I would like to express a Happy New Year to all of my Jewish friends, including my brother and his family, my daughters, my cousins, aunts and uncles and let's not forget my parents, who reading ahead to the next paragraph, are now rolling over in their graves.

I used to be Jewish. But I dropped some window pane acid while a student at Michigan and ever since, whenever I go to the Synagogue, ("Temple" for you heathens), everyone just stares at me. I think they are watching to see if I take any of those books stored on the back of seats into the bathroom with me. Geez, all it took was one time to discover that there are no photos in those books! What are they all staring at, anyway?

On to today's post, it's linked below, a Guest Blog posted at Market Club:

Navigating the Q's



Anonymous said...

Allan, U R a hoot! Thanks for the good trading/investing tips. I appreciate you even if you're not Kosher! Doug

Anonymous said...

Rosh Hashana to you Allan. Thanks much for Navigating Q's strategy. What puzzles me is that how do you fit options strategy into this triangle framework? What strategy you use for a call/put optioins from timing and strike price perspective using the Triangle?


A said...

Sam, go out 6-10 weeks and buy just-out-of-the-money options. Use 50% loss as stop.