Wednesday, October 11, 2006

NNVC - news

NanoViricides, Inc. Presents at FDA Nanotechnology Meeting
Wednesday October 11, 7:30 am ET
Final Draft of Form 10-SB for SEC Submission Completed

WEST HAVEN, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--NanoViricides, Inc, (Pink Sheets: NNVC - News) President and Chairman, Dr. Anil Diwan, presented a talk at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Public Meeting on Nanotechnology in Bethesda, MD on Oct. 10.


Anonymous said...

Yeah! I'm still in this one, at a very high basis, but I like the story. I guess this is my clue to triple down!

Anonymous said...

Allan....NMCX....reminds me of nnvc and ptsce pre-takeoff; Here's the link to a site thattells the story if you're interested!

p.s. I didn't know how to email you short of giving a comment to an existing post.
Any updates on cytr, avan?

Enjoy you postings!

curt504 said...


My market direction indicators are not giving me a good signal at this juncture.

What's your opnion?

What parameters might you be using for your market compas?

Good luck curt

A said...

What's your opnion?

First, look at a daily or weekly chart of the DJIA, S&P and/or NASDAQ. They're all going up. Second, I have mentioned previously that I like Taylor Trends and T Theory (do a search for my posts on these) which are both pointing up into January, although shorter-term there is some weakness expected. Third, I have always been a fan of the work of John Ehlers, who has an new, interesting offering online: on which I am doing some due diligence work and am so far impressed.