Tuesday, October 10, 2006


AMRI is running this morning, a delayed reaction to the NRPH news yesterday about their ADHD drug. NRPH is up about 90% in 24 hours. Can AMRI be far behind? Here is a link why AMRI is running:

AMRI Announces Long Term Manufacturing Agreement with New River Pharmaceuticals

I bought into AMRI under $10, it's at $10.50 now, but might be headed a lot higher.



Anonymous said...

Hi A:

I got into this one a bit later this morning, at $10.37. I'v got a sell order in at limit $10.99.

Do you think I am being to conservative? Do you think this has alot more upside then that?

I tend to make great entries and really terrible exits, too early or too late, never just right.


PS my Oct puts are mostly moving in the right direction today, wouldn't take to much more to put them in the money, except that f***ing AZO and KSS, two overextended uncooperative seditious jackhole stocks. There I feel better already, just getting that off my chest.


A said...

Greg, AMRI is trading at 10.60 right now, why not take some off the table for about a 2% gain, leaving the rest for your stop? And, speaking of that stop, if AMRI runs that high, do you really want to be out of it?


Anonymous said...

Thanks A:

You are the voice of reason and disipline. I have pissed away some nice profits by not taking them when I had the chance and watched the position go red. Case in point are my WYNN Oct 70 puts, had a 200% profit running, let it keep running and now it is red.