Friday, November 11, 2005

Putting It All Together

Here is a sumamry of topics we have covered this semester. It is from this list that I will be creating your mid-term exam. I suggest you review these topics and associated blogs. Remember, it's your understanding of the course material that I am most interested in, not your memorization of my lectures.

!. Elements of Daytrading
2. Bird Flu Basket
3. Insider Buying
4. Bullies with Guns
5. The Deipnosophist



Anonymous said...

but i simply can't understand much of what David says . . . .

no fair grading like that !!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dumbledore:

At the risk of pissing Allan off, I will explain David. You (along with the rest of us) can't understand much of what he says because that is just as he intends it. He is a genius at pattern recognition and prediction of price movements in the financial markets. He really IS brilliant, but...........He presents his case not so that you will truely understand it but so that all who read will see and recognize his genius. He feeds on the positive feedback from those who recognize his amazing abilities. While he professes his desire to teach the "commonweal", he realy only teases and tantalizes. How does David know what he knows and wouldn't you like to know too? He dangles the keys that unlock the puzzle just out of reach. In truth, if he could teach us all how he does it, we wouldn't need him anymore and his adoring audience would go away to make mountains of money on their own. That wouldn't serve his purposes. There have been rare occassions when he lets slip real nuggets of wisdom, but if intentional, it is only to keep the weary from wandering. He is subtle, but over time the message is obvious: he can count on one hand those who can use technical analysis to predict future price movements, he is one of them and the rest of us never will be. "Sorry Charlie, only the best can be Starkist". I think he is certifiably insane!

Greg Reiman

David M Gordon said...


I realize you always felt 'cheated' of that which you believe I 'owe' you, but to state that I am "certifiably insane"...? I prefer idiot savant, if you want to call me names. ;-)

And do I really come across as some type of Machiavellian puppeteer? Where would I find the time to dream up all the schemes of which you accuse me? Jeez, I barely have time to brush my teeth!

Nonetheless, interesting comments. I will grant them the consideration they deserve.

A said...

Greg and David, Maybe it wil be helpful to cite and example, but in so doing, I will be giving up an exam question and answer and have to spend my precious time thinging up another:

Question: Give an example of how The Deipnosohist made you money in the stock market.

Answer: Early after discovering David's Blog, I read through everything he had written and linked about one of my small holdings, an internet start-up named, "Google." The analysis and supporting documentatin was compelling. I immediately doubled up all of my positions of Google in all my personal and managed accounts. As of today, those new positions have just about doubled in value.

Extra Credit: David and I have had our differences in the past. Since then, we have both grown and to our fortune, have grown to appreciate what each of us does (and does not) bring to the table of mutual respect and friendship. Whatever each of us has gone through to get to where we are, although the i's remain undotted and the t's remain uncrossed, the journey remains ahead, not behind.


David M Gordon said...

Greg and Allan,

Thank you for your incisive words of criticism.

Although they cut, sometimes deeply, they proved in the end not fatal. As a result of the discussion prompted by Greg's criticism, I believe I am a better communicator... and person.

Only time will tell the truth of that belief, however.

Anonymous said...


I regret making my bitter post above. It is not that I don't mean what I said, but it was not neccessary to do it at all. I appologize for airing our dirty laundry in public.

Unfortunately now I need to clear the air, for the record:

You said "I realize you always felt 'cheated' of that which you believe I 'owe' you".

I have never said that or felt that way. A more honest representation of our past history is that you went to great efforts to demonstrate your singular genius in pattern recognition and prediction of price movements in the financial markets. I (and many others) were awe-struck, by your brilliance. You told us many times that it was your strong desire to share your knowledge with us, that you wanted to help us learn to become successful traders and investors. That you had climbed to the top of your mountians and now sought fulfillment in helping others, in a spirit of generousity to benefit the "commonweal"! Is it any wonder that I (as did so many others) reached out our hands to you with great appreciation for the opportunity you appeared to be offering? Is it any wonder that after many months and more of following your trail of crumbs, your subtilty, your obtuseness, your tantalizing, and yes, your "Machiavellian puppeteering" (you always did have a way with words), began to wear thin? When your wandering followers began to grow weary, you cut and ran. Is it any wonder that I (and a great many others) felt let down by you?

You have a wonderful gift of talent, you had an opportunity to share that gift of talent to the benefit of many, but you squandered that opportunity. You made me feel that I was not worthy, and yes your actions wounded me deeply as well, I have the emotional scar tissue yet, which manifest itself in my bitter triad above.

I regret that our friendship ended in such an ugly fasion, but I do not think it was avoidable.

Greg Reiman

Anonymous said...


On a lighter note, for no other reason than serendipity may I suggest you check out Alanco Technologies? Ticker symbol is ALAN. It's got your name written all over it :-)

You just might make a couple of bucks applying your insider trading and bully with a gun methodologies. The CEO and directors have been accumulating a lot of stock recently, including on the open market.

The technology is RFID tracking prisoners. They are already in the U.S. marketplace with a proven product and awaiting more contracts.....which unfortunately are all government related.....glaciers move faster.

The stock will get delisted on Nasdaq in January unless the stock price gets back to above a investors are perhaps expecting a reverse split which is a reasonable possibility. But any kind of positive news....too long overdue.... should propel the stock significantly.

I have traded this stock regularly for several years and believe there is a growing pent up demand for this technology. Prisons in this country are hell holes. They still make low tech head counts. Prison management is scandalous. Rape and violence is so common that the prisons are on notice by the feds to clean up their act or risk judicial intervention. Escaped murderers routinely in the news is not very good PR.

Warehouses supplying commodities to Walmart are better managed than these human warehouses of incarceration.

This is one CEO I have chatted with on the phone. He is very accessable. A small company, but exceptional potential. Lots of volatility in the share price.....for the not too faint of heart. Risky. Risky. Risky. But personally I smell a pony in all the crap for this company.

Roger Austin

A said...

Hi Roger, thanks for the heads up on ALAN, will check it out this weekend. Could that pony be named, 'Charley?"


philters said...

thanks Roger, for the ALAN insight. took up a few as a result of the usual dd, and happy today that I did. this seems to be a slow-burner that may generate some real heat.