Wednesday, November 16, 2005

NNVC Sentiment

Here is a sampling of sentiment toward NNVC from a few message boards. A lot of mindless hype, but maybe someone knows something and is guising it as mindless hype. Brilliant!



I have previously posted that i have orders in around $20 and $35, however I am taking only up to 10% off the table , because if they are only partially correct in their confidence about the efficacy in their own labs, this stock is destined north of $100. I know John Pierpont Morgan said when asked the about the secret of how he acquired tuch geat wealth hi he answered , " because I always get out too early " and that makes sense , but when you have a clear breakthrough getting out too early would haunt you for years or decades erasing any satisfaction you get from taking a large though sure profit. SAy the stock goes to $100 or a mere $10 billion market cap and you get out at $7 with a huge gain. How would that make you feel? Awful? I prefer to pull just my seed money out and not miss the mind nubming potential of this BREAK THROUGH TECHNOLOGY. HECK IF IT IS ONLY 10% OF WHAT ANIL DIWAN PREDICTS IT IS A $10 BILL DOLLAR COMPANY.


There are lots of "rules" for trading penny stocks. Notwithstanding those rules, once in a blue moon, an extraordinary opportunity presents itself. I think NNVC may be such an opportunity.

The bottom line, of course, is whether the science works (a question to which there is yet no definitive answer). However, if the science does work, Katie bar the door!

I can't quantify the chances of the science being successful, but I am impressed by the people involved, and what has been achieved to date.

If NNVC flops, my life will go on as before. If NNVC zooms, it's a different story. I like the odds enough to make, for me, a substantial investment here.

So, ala Clint Eastwood, I ask myself: "Do you feel lucky, punk?" And the answer is "yes."


For a .03 cent stock to run over a buck and hold steady between .80 and .95 on little news tells you someone does know it works.
If not you would think we would be back around .25 or lower

All hype aside if the next tests are succesfull this could pop between 5 and 10 dollars in a day.

Its possible,and yes 100 per share is possible too,if it works.


NNVC is focused on viruses - that is their thing.

The basic development covers cancer as well! I will follow THAT aspect carefully should our testing prove the efficacy of the development on viruses like HIV/AIDS and avian flu.

Should NNVC succeed in the virus field, cancer will be next, IMO!

Will NNVC be fortunate to enter that field as well? Could be. And the future would expand 10 fold, IMO.

Perhaps Theracour will license the cancer stuff to another company. That will prove interesting should it not be NNVC. At this moment I am not aware of any company having the license for cancer. I am a bit puzzled at that. Perhaps Theracour is waiting to see how the flu stuff goes and perhaps, as well, so as to focus all resources on the flu side, is concentrating on flu ONLY at the moment.

My point is to EMPHASIZE the wider application of the patented development to areas other than just viruses.


NNVC vaccine possible

Diwan says that if the FluCide-I trials are successful,
it will not be that difficult to create a vaccine
for Avian flu.

A potential bonanza
It is clear that if any one company were to
develop a highly efficacious vaccine against Avian
flu, the financial rewards could be enormous.
“Just as penicillin brought on a major revolution
in antibiotics, the first viricide will create a
similar revolution,” Diwan predicts. “Just imagine;
a vaccine that attacks and destroys the virus
particle itself.”

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Anonymous said...

I have noticed accumulation around the current price range. There are a lot 10K block buying of the stock. I think the longer the stock price hovers around this area, the more I will be inclined to add to my current postion.
By the way is QSC (earlier pick) included in your Flu basket?