Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Some nice Insider Buying today in ITWO. Ten thousand shares each by one Director and the CEO and 22,000 shares by another Director, for a total of almost $600,000 worth of stock. ITWO is down from $25/share in August, trading at $13.25 at today's first filing, $13.50 when I bought in and as high as $13.94 in it's initial "pop." Maybe more to go.

Elsewhere, in our Bird Flu Basket, BCRX is up 33%, today, and that's on Roche news unrelated to its Bird Flu exposure.


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A said...

Congratulations if you are still in ITWO. I am writing this Monday, December 5th after the close, ITWO closed today at $14.90, up another 5% today and close to 15% from initial entry last week. Under the "4-day Rule," tomorrow would be the 4th day of this trade and maybe a short-term high for the I-move. But if your bullish into year end, it may be as good as anything to be holding into the new year.