Thursday, November 04, 2010

Three new names

I gave these three new names to my subscribers over the weekend.  As I wrote at that time,

These three names are HIGHLY SPECULATIVE and depart from the usually conservative nature of our Trend Following methodology. It's possible that all three can be cut in half in week, a day, or an hour.  Conversely, all three could soar, doubling or tripling, or even more in a week, a day, or an hour. HOW we make money here is no less important then MAKING MONEY. We've seen that the Trend Models work i.e. they make money, so we are allowed to take a flier, or two, or in this case three, every once in awhile.

Mega Uranium - MGA (Toronto Exchange) / MGAFF (Pink Sheets)
Pelangio Exploration - PX.V (Venture Exchange) / PGXPF (Pink Sheets)
Golden Predator - GPD.TO (Toronto Exchange) / GPRXF (Pink Sheets)

Mega Uranium


Golden Predator


Anonymous said...

allan, what is your WEEKLY ATR in the S&P 500 $SPX now?

Anonymous said...


First Majestic 11% FRMSF
Silver corp 15 % SVM
Minco silver 11% MISVF

(....a public service announcement from "oops,I missed it stock watch")

Anonymous said...

extraordinary day for precious metal miners.

big breakout on almost all charts.

like a runaway train.

next few days should be interesting.