Monday, November 15, 2010

NNVC - Why this is only the beginning

Press Release Source: NanoViricides, Inc. On Monday November 15, 2010, 7:00 am EST

NanoViricides, Inc. (OTC BB: NNVC.OB) (the "Company") reports that its optimized FluCide™ drug candidates achieved dramatic reduction in viral load within the lungs of animals infected with a lethal dose of H1N1 influenza virus.

The Company has previously announced that these optimized FluCide drug candidates demonstrated dramatically improved survival in this animal study. We now report that there was good correlation between viral load reduction and the length of survival.

The most effective FluCide candidate demonstrated a fifteen-fold (15X) greater viral load reduction as compared to Tamiflu(r) (Roche), and a thirty-fold (30X) greater viral load reduction as compared to untreated animals. Tamiflu demonstrated a viral load reduction of only twofold (2X) compared to the untreated animals in this high infection, lethality study. The viral load is a measure of the amount of infectious influenza virus in the lungs of infected animals. This profound decrease in viral load is consistent with the observed substantial increase in length of survival upon nanoviricide treatment. The Company previously reported that animals treated with this FluCide candidate survived for as long as 18.1 days on average, compared with only 7.8 days for Tamiflu treated animals. A survival length of 21 days would be considered indefinite survival in this animal model.

The studies were conducted by Dr. Krishna Menon, PhD, VMD, MRCS, at KARD Scientific, MA. One million virus particles of Influenza A Strain A/WS/33 (H1N1) were aspirated directly into the lungs of mice. A repeat infection was performed at 22 hrs. This influenza model was designed to be uniformly fatal in 100% of the infected, untreated animals within 5 days after infection. Treatment with both FluCide candidates and Tamiflu commenced 24 hours after the initial viral infection. Tamiflu was administered orally twice daily at 20mg/kg (i.e. 40mg/kg/day) while the nanoviricides were intravenous injections at 100mg/kg every 48 hrs.

“Treatment with the Nanoviricide compounds resulted in a profound reduction in viral load. Other overt parameters of virus infection were similarly decreased. In addition, survival time was significantly increased,” said Krishna Menon, PhD, President of KARD Scientific.

The nanoviricides have been well tolerated with no overt adverse effects observed even in animals treated for more than 2 weeks. The Company, therefore, believes that dosage of the nanoviricides can be further increased to achieve greater levels of effectiveness. Additional data related to various parameters including histology and cytokines are pending from this study. The Company plans to report on the same as the datasets are analyzed.


Anonymous said...

Monday nov 15 market open

NNVC is off to a good start today in first 20 minutes.....(FWIW)

A said...

$1.60 was major resistance last week, we are there again. I have been beta testing the new web site and especially like the capability to post charts in virtually real time with commensurably timely comments. This is exactly the kind of situation that would benefit. It's going to be one heck of final six weeks to this year.


Anonymous said...

Alan, what about the "PIPE bomb" financing? FLOP over at Gilder came up with pipe bomb line...

A said...

Haven't read the latest from fear doom and gloom crowd, on Gilder or anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

A lot of people remember you over there and speak kindly of you! The financing aspect basically states that a license for shorting with impunity exists... No banging other than a concern.

Anonymous said...

Food for thought, and discussion if interest is there...

In the biotech space, good news items like the one Allan has posted can have a significant positive effect on the share prices of micro- and small-cap companies. This is less so for mid- and large-cap companies because skeptical analysts and investors often expect more than just good scientific results. They want to see whether the leadership teams of these companies can demonstrate a feasible plan to actually develop, market, sell, and create revenue from the drug or device that has earned positive scientific results.

As someone who has sipped the NNVC kool aid, I am very interested to see how far the positive science news on NNVC takes the share price. I will also be interested to see in the next 2-4 years if the leadership team begins to make known plans to actually bring products to market. Perhaps a joint venture with big pharma. Or maybe an acquisition will be the vehicle.

A said...

That particular financing was addressed by De. Seymour on many occasions and I am sure he is still receptive to fielding inquiries. Those who have the ability to short with impunity must be having a field day with the stock up 50% in a week. They should do even better as more results from ongoing studies are published and especially as Dengue becomes more recognized as serious global threat.

Bob said...

I"m not familiar with NNVC's particular PIPE financing, but as a general rule it raises a large red flag. If NNVC did a convertible deal then they would especially be vulnerable to manipulation and shorting. Anyone thinking that it is a no big deal because of a company's earnings potential is at the very least naive.

Shorts have done very well until this past week as the stock dropped from two and half dollars down to one dollar. If the PIPE holders are here to decimate this company they will let the stock price rise only to convert and short again. NNVC has great promise from a scientific point, but it will take a product that can produce earnings or a partnership or merger to stave of the onslaught of the PIPE.

FD, I own NNVC but fortunetaly have a cost basis of fifty cents.

Anonymous said...

PIPE financing is a *huge* deal. I've had much experience with companies under these contractual agreements, and often find that it creates a death spiral over time. I am not sure of NNVC's potential, but it could be severely limited if the PIPE holders take charge. No doom and gloom. Common sense and prudence is needed in regards to any company that takes its financing in this way.

A said...

Agreed, let common sense and prudence put this financing in perspective.

Anonymous said...

and what is that perspective, didnt finish the sentence.

what I'm taking away from these worthy posts about unfavorable financing
is that the same old pattern I noticed happening in stock buying and selling will continue
until NNVC puts out an economical product on the market, or gets full FDA approval, or merges with a partner, or moves its business to a foreign country.

as of now,the pattern of buying support (1.00 area) and selling resistance (1.60-1.75 area) will continue to hold sway .

A said...

As bullish as I have been on the company, the science and the stock, even I am surprised and impressed by a 60% move in the past few days.

Anonymous said...

If you are surprised, Allan, are you agreeing with Anomy above?
The PR has been fantastic so far, I would think investors are looking at this stock with more appeal than before.
Is this just another pattern that as been seen before.

And if that poster is correct, I say, what is NNVC waiting for? Is someone blocking FDA approval.

Anonymous said...

friday nov 19 end of week.

NNVC did well this week.(following a good previous week) for whatever two week's price action is worth....NNVC showed some good strength when it was needed.

It hit resistance at 1.60 area twice (1.66 once), as expected, and sold off 3 times back to strong support holding at 1.47 area
where the 200 MA is. this is good TA strength ,wave 4 action
followed by grinding higher in lower volume ,which is wave 5 and looks toppy now at 1.70

right where the sellers ought to be selling again.

Expect the selling...and the next test of strength for NNVC will be to see how far down price goes this time.

the total distance of the completed upwave (if it reverses down from 1.70) is about 62 cents(from 1.08)

so the 50 % fib correction takes us back to the 1.39-1.40 area
which is also a big support zone from the past.

So technically speaking...this sets up as a good test now for NNVC to follow thru with continued demonstration of strength ,stronger than the sellers power to plunge the stock.

Strength will mean that NNVC should hold at 1.40 support and fall no lower beyond a few points below 1.40 (there is a small gap around 1.37-38....this could be the bottom zone)

a bigger fall to 1.30 and 1.20 would be a sign of weakness.

In another Technical analysis aspect to watch,a possible developing cup and handle could form....if NNVC slides /consolidates sideways for the next week or so above or near the 200 MA....creating a handle.... followed by the measured move to the upside which would target the 2.40 area

As if viewing a boxing match....this week and last, NNVC won the first 5 rounds .

Big test now at the 1.70 selling zone for next week.

On monday, after the comments here about "pipe" financing,I was of a cautious mind to sell a portion for profit at 1.70.

But upon seeing the latest developments in fundamental news....I'll hold and watch the price action around the 200 MA for strength.

Its crunch time for NNVC.

Anonymous said...

As the first anony to bring up the pipe financing I agree with latest comments that all could be put to rest, pipe or no pipe, with the latest deng news out of FL.