Friday, September 22, 2006


Hurry before the close, MLER:

Coast to Coast


Anonymous said...

Read after the closing bell, but I see it got a lot of trading volume. Will see how it pans out next week. Thanks.
Little Joe

Anonymous said...

Missed this, too. (Hate it when I do that) But wow, up 25% at opening. Too late to get in, do you think?


Anonymous said...

Good call by Allan, but not enough time to execute on this one. Monday trading volume is even higher, but I hate chasing these without some inkling of what Allan was prognosticating.

Well, there's always another train out of the station, as the saying goes.

Little Joe

joe said...

Hey Allan,

Another excellent call. Your work is remarkable. I missed this one but wanted to wish you a very safe flight home. Warmest regards, Joe