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"To think differently," was the earliest maxim at GRYPHON Systems. So too was the question, "Why not?" which sprang from The Creator's sometimes irrating habit of believing most anything was possible.

Why not...?

Yes, why not invent trading modules that require no input from the user and demand no external research efforts? Why not integrate multiple, modular adaptive trading methodologies into one symphonic system? Just a couple of examples of the challenges which over the years have resulted in an impressive list of "First in the World" accolades.

Technical innovations without specific aims often result in more and more demands being placed on the user. At GRYPHON Systems, we don't believe in that type of development. A study of our research efforts over a decade will show that our work has been directed toward one goal- to present to the world a new approach, a way to offer analysis as true to life as technically possible with modules being as easy to use as "one touch on one button." This fundamental idea- you could call it human quality- is what gained GRYPHON Systems its worldwide reputation for uniqueness.

One thing you will notice about our modules is that highly advanced technology is discreet. It takes more upon itself and asks less of you. And, as a natural consequence, a simple striking design emerged.

True harmony of form and function spells beauty in any language.


NOT SO LONG AGO, a few of the members of the design team got together for wine and melon to talk about the type of individual who invests in THE GRYPHON. It was a casual get together, more conversation than meeting; an easy back-and-forth as corporate interchanges go.

A question came up, however, which focused us all on a single point. It seems that a heavily talented friend had asked a member of the design team if THE GRYPHON could be properly seen as a 'fast lane' product. Was it, as he had been told, the trading system to own- one more sophisticated statement he might make within his home?

Frowns went all around. Embarrassment was in the air for this distant friend.

The conversation that ensued distilled a single answer. It was that THE GRYPHON was meant only to place in the trader's hands analytical efficacy for all who chose to own it. The esteem in which it is held would not rub off on the owner. To us, using our products for social definition seemed a silly, quaintly adolescent idea, a quest better suited to the many more visible, if less valuable, symbolic products in the marketplace.

We felt that THE GRYPHON was such an easy product to own that its value would stand without the crutch of status. Its sophistication and its identity lay with its ability to analyze the markets without coloration and with its ability to keep trading at the forefront and technology parked out of the way.

So it went. Our friend with a quest for a 'message product' made us think quite hard about what we were trying to achieve with the system. Consensus about his need could only be reached tongue and cheek. It was simply decided that, while he may well end up owning THE GRYPHON , we would not in our hearts consider him to be one of our customers.

At one time or another, with one group or another, such talk goes on at GRYPHON Systems. It shapes our development efforts and loosens up the future for us. Perhaps it is not all that important that you know this, but we will wager that the effect of these conversations is half the reason you are interested in our products in the first place.

Hard to tell why no one ate the pear. Someone did say you couldn't trust a pear.


WORD HAS IT that computer technology and a ceramic chip about an inch in diameter are going to relegate our intellects to the mists of memory. An interesting idea, shall we use our textbooks for placemats?

If, just for a moment, you direct your thoughts to securities trading rather that to the latest 'techno-fad' you will find that advancements in technology actually amplify the need for human intelligence. The human mind is now challenged with having to evaluate an ever increasing lineup of sophisticated products to use in analytical activities. If you are serious about trading, we are confident that you will choose to add a computerized trading aid to your methodology.

When choosing among the literally thousands of computer programs and aids out there, philosophical decisions must be made. Most programs offer canned indicators which have been used by traders over the past few decades. Others insist that "mystical" waves or angles or even planetary positions (!) can be used to forecast market moves.

When we look past the ludicrous, we see that there is a small, robust base of trading programs which have something meaningful to offer. These are not the ones that tout their results, splashing publications with advertisements of huge dollar gains. Rather, they describe themselves in ways that relate to the design philosophy behind their analytical activities.

This is the way to evaluate the best module for the user. By studying the methodologies behind the program, the trader can then, and only then, begin to make an informed decision. Therefore, we at GRYPHON Systems would submit that, with each new technological development, more intellectual prowess is needed if only to evaluate the actual abilities of the "fruits" of the relevant advancements. Sadly, we are now faced with having to expend significant effort evaluating the components of our toolbox. And, make no mistake, all computer trading aids are just that- tools. All aids, including those offered by GRYPHON Systems, serve to inform the trader, not to replace him.

All complex activities from aircraft control to surgery to trading can only be successfully handled by skilled individuals. Technological aids are essential in all such endeavors but they do not replace the user, they simply augment his efficacy.



Anonymous said...

These are obviously the rantings of a crazed lunatic and serve no practical trading purpose.

JK in DC

A said...

JK in DC:

Before judging the author of those "rantings," you should know that he lurks here on AllAllan and has, based on THE GRYPHON, become a highly successful (read: multimillionaire) trader. Those writings, which were written about eight years ago, represent a rare glimpse of the theory behind his trading philosophy and I published them here, without his permission, in hope that he can be roused from his long silence and share something useful with the traders who frequent this neigborhood.


curt504 said...

Thanks Allan for a glimps and hope for a more productive trading life!!! I hope to hear more about Gryphon and anything else that would make me a more profitable trader.

My current hair pullings and ponderings are:

- Robert Taylor's models predict (in effect) choppy till end of 2006, then up.

- and many yahoo boards for housing stocks chant in unison with the media the death of the home builder.

- I ponder near term puts on TOL (etc) or March '07 puts

- Yet how can taylor's (from earthly forces) be predicting an up turn in 2007 when US gov, personal finances seem to be saying long term down turn.

- Yet folks like Cramer, Tobin Smith are agreeing with Taylor (forget the negative media) the market is going up!

Allan, Gryphon, Oracle anyone: how do you view these conflicting forces?

By the way, I'm not able to day trade but must take longer term trades that have to play strategies: bounce, story, FA or sometimes technicals. Like the seemingly obvious put/short play on the builders. Yet I'm reading the contrarians who are saying the builders aren't done for. :-\

BTW: NNVC, VLNC are looking good. I hope PXP's secret oil in LA comes in and isn't a none event. RTK, RACK are also interesting plays I have calls on.

tnx curt

Anonymous said...

Hi Allan:

Well you've certainly got my interest!

I would welcome this lurker to poke his head up.

I believe that software can help the trader to screen and scan, aid technical analysis, and recognize patterns in the financial markets. But I do not have the time or expertise to sort through the many offerings, eliminate the hype and flim flam, and identify the programs that might actually provide the tools that help me become a better trader.

I do understand this lurker's preference for anonymity. In fact I would like nothing better then to remain completely annonymous and get very rich trading from my little home office.

Greg Reiman

Anonymous said...

I bought EDIG few month ago when you reccomended. It's moving up now.The reason is?

A said...

The reason is?

EDIG was a pick from my friend Roger, who talks to horses. He had given us PTSC which was quite a buckaroo for us, so we went with EDIG expecting the same. It did double, but first got cut in half. So, we're about back where we were when the race began. Hope this answers your question.

Oh, the horse's name is Charlie, with an e.


Anonymous said...

He gets his picks from the horse?

G. Soros, NYC

Anonymous said...

ANOTHERONE FOR GUESSING GAME...SOUNDS GOOD. For the searching geniuses out there.. I already put a couple hours into it without success.

Small Change = Massive Opportunity

As you may know, global warming really isn’t the catastrophe many people make it out to be. In fact, the National Academy of Sciences reports that the Earth’s surface temperature has risen by 1° Fahrenheit in the past century.

Hardly a threat to mankind...

But even this small temperature increase has had an impact on the Arctic ice cap. As a matter of fact, National Geographic reports that 40% of the Arctic ice cap has melted in recent years.

“The impacts are affecting people now in the Arctic,” explains Robert Corell, chairperson of the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment (ACIA). “The Arctic is experiencing some of the most rapid and severe climate change on Earth.”

And here’s the thing: From Norway to Greenland to the Barents Sea... melting ice has made the Arctic Circle’s previously inaccessible territory very valuable.

In fact, TheNew York Times reports that the Arctic’s melting ice has “unlocked natural resources worth hundreds of billions of dollars.”

The Financial Times agrees, stating that “thawing ice has opened up the far North, prompting a scramble for territory and resources.”

And the BBC confirms the facts, explaining that the Arctic thaw is leading a new “gold rush” in the high north.

Commercial fisheries, cruise lines, and mineral miners all stand to make a fortune from the Arctic’s virgin territory, says TheNew York Times.

But can you guess the Arctic’s biggest prize?

That’s right... Crude oil!

According to a new report from the U.S. National Geological Survey, 25% of the world’s undiscovered oil reserves lie under the Arctic Sea.

That’s roughly 375 billion barrels — or 43% more oil than Saudi Arabia, which has 261 billion barrels, according to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). That’s enough oil to supply the United States for over 135 years, according to DOE statistics!

Think about that: With the Middle East in turmoil, the global oil shortage getting worse every day, and oil prices hitting records of over $75 per barrel, even a small piece of the Arctic’s oil reserves could be worth a fortune.
According to Forbes magazine,
one-third of the Earth’s untapped oil is under the Arctic’s rapidly melting ice...

And make no mistake: The competition for Arctic oil sites is fierce.

According to MSNBC, the area is so lucrative that both Canada and Denmark have dispatched warships to guard their territory.

And of course, every big oil company on the planet is scrambling to grab a chunk of the Arctic’s oil. But while Exxon, Chevron, and BP all scramble for Arctic oil sites... I’ve isolated a tiny Canadian oil firm that’s already secured a prime piece of Arctic real estate.

With Patrick Broe-like vision, this little-known company made deals that had Big Oil in hysterics. But they aren’t laughing now...

“They got in before Big Oil understood the Arctic’s potential,” explains international energy expert and financial author Christoph Amberger. “And now, their foresight is paying off in spades. The ramifications of this situation are colossal.”

“Hitch Your Wagon to a Wildcatter”
says BusinessWeek magazine

“Energy demand is climbing. New supplies are difficult to find. And the consensus on Wall Street is that oil prices will remain high,” explains BusinessWeek magazine. “Energy investors should direct their dollars to the companies that are out there feverishly looking for more oil and gas. These are the independents, the new wildcatters.”

Bottom line: The ongoing global oil crisis is creating enormous profit opportunities. But Big Oil giants like Exxon, Chevron, and BP are so big... they simply can’t deliver quick triple-digit gains.

The way to make serious profits in today’s market is by investing in small, nimble companies that can double, triple or even quadruple overnight.

The tiny Canadian wildcatter I’m recommending today offers stunning potential. In fact, the last time I saw an opportunity this lucrative, another Canadian wildcatter, PetroKazakhstan (PKZ) skyrocketed from 29 cents to $41, handing early investors a staggering 14,000%. The little-known wildcatter I’m recommending today offers similar potential. But you must move quickly to ensure your shot at maximum profits. Please read on now for all the details...

You see, although this company is tiny (a fraction of the size of Exxon, BP, Shell, and Chevron) it now controls some of the Arctic’s most lucrative oil sites.

And here’s the best part: The previously frozen “black gold” is already starting to flow...

In fact, with 1.6 billion barrels of reserves (and more coming in every day), this little Canadian wildcatter is flat-out flush with precious crude!

In July 2006, it announced record profits, doubled its income to $668 million — and boosted cash flow to a phenomenal $1.1 billion!

But its success shouldn’t surprise you. As you know, small oil companies that tap virgin territory typically make out like bandits.

Consider another Canadian wildcatter, PetroKazakhstan, Inc. (PKZ)...

PKZ had the foresight to step into Russia while most people considered the region off-limits. Oil experts laughed... and the media howled... but savvy folks with vision made a fortune as PKZ tapped Russia’s virgin territory and it soared from 29 cents to $41.

That’s a mind-boggling 14,000%!

The stock I’m recommending today offers similar potential. And while 14,000% may be a bit out of reach, I do believe folks who get in now could triple their money by December.

In the long run, this stock could easily be a 10-bagger. Maybe more...

Will that work for you?

In this Report, I’ll show you how it secured some of the most lucrative and sought-after oil sites in the world. Plus, I’ll explain why I’m so certain its stock could deliver an easy triple by December 2006.

Finally, I’ll tell you how to grab shares of this company before the rest of the world hears this story and drives the price into orbit.

There is one catch, however...

Wall Street Is About to Launch
This Stock Into the Stratosphere...

I must admit, when I first heard about this situation, I was a bit skeptical.

You see, I personally believe global warming is way overhyped.

And besides, I figured it would take years before the Arctic ice could melt enough to make a difference in oil exploration.

So, instead of jumping right in... I spent the last six months conducting rigorous due diligence on this company. It took a lot of time, but I had to be comfortable with the situation before putting my reputation on the line.

I’m now convinced that the stock I’m now recommending is a fortune in the making.

But here’s the problem: During this research period, the stock I’m now recommending has reached a “trigger point” that could send it skyrocketing in the next few days.

Although most people don’t know about this stock yet, they are starting to catch on.
In fact, The Street’s top analyst, Jim Cramer, just called this little Canadian wildcatter “one of the greatest drilling companies around the world.”

And here’s the thing: Fidelity Management, the nation’s largest mutual fund company, is accumulating shares of this stock at a rapid pace. Of course, it’s been trying to spread the buying around to avoid tipping off competitors. But a close look at the books indicates that Fidelity has discretely accumulated over 70 million shares!

Unfortunately, Wall Street’s big institutional buyers aren’t blind... and this story won’t stay quiet for long. Already, Vanguard and Wellington have caught on... and are starting to nibble away at this tiny wildcatter.

Make no mistake: Others will soon follow. Judging from experience, it will only be a matter of days before this stock makes its big move.

And here’s the kicker: My reliable “inside source” (which I’ll reveal in a moment) tells me this stock will likely break out in the next few days. This rise could be meteoric — and the stock will almost certainly turn some early investors into millionaires.

The only question: Will you be one of them?

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Big Oil’s Final Frontier

You may be wondering: Why is Arctic oil so valuable?

Well, it’s a simple matter of supply and demand.

You see, we are currently facing a global oil crisis which is driving oil prices through the roof. In fact, on August 9, 2006, oil hit a near record of $76 per barrel!

Many experts believe oil prices will go a lot higher...

“We think $100-a-barrel oil is very possible,” says Frank Holmes, who manages the U.S. Global Investors’ Global Resources Fund.

Michael Brush of MSN Money agrees. “Get ready for $100-a-barrel oil” says Brush.

Problem is, much of the world’s oil production comes from oil fields that have been producing for decades. The oil fields are running out. At the same time, large oil companies like Chevron are struggling to find new sources.

According to TheWashington Post, many of the world’s largest oil fields that are open to foreign investment have already been tapped out.

This means new sources of oil, like the Arctic, are so incredibly valuable.

“It’s Big Oil’s final frontier,” says NewsWeek magazine.

“It’s the next energy frontier” explains energy analyst Christopher Weafer of the Moscow-based Alpha Bank.

The oil reserves in the Arctic are massive. In fact, Helge Lund, the president of Statoil, Norway’s state oil company, says that a quarter of the world’s undiscovered oil reserves, 375 billion barrels, lies under the Arctic Ocean. And a new study by the U.S. Geological Survey backs this up, stating that 25% of the world’s oil reserves are under the Arctic ice cap.

And here’s the best part: The Arctic’s massive oil reserves are practically untouched.

Polar Thaw Unlocks Frozen Treasure

Until recently, most oil companies had written off the Arctic.

After all, it was frozen solid. There was no way to get at the oil.

But rising temperatures have opened the door to the Arctic’s frozen oil treasure.

“The thawing of the polar ice is opening up the Arctic as never before, creating shipping routes and fishing grounds, promising tourism opportunities and, most lucratively, the exploitation of new oil and gas fields,” reports the Times.

As I mentioned, experts state that the Earth’s temperature has risen by about 1° Fahrenheit in the last century.

Already changes are being seen in Greenland, where glaciers are sliding into the sea at an alarming rate, reports CBS News correspondent Jerry Bowen.

The changes are caused by just a one- or two-degree increase, Bowen reports. But, that’s the difference between freezing and melting.

According to Professor Peter Wadhams, of the Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge, UK, a large area of the sea ice, stretching from the North Pole to the Fram Strait between Svalbard and Greenland, had thinned by 43% during the Arctic summer.

And both the BBC and National Geographic confirm that nearly half of the Arctic’s ice cap has receded in recent years.

And get this: CBS News reports that according to another new study, every 40 hours Greenland pours as much water into the ocean as Los Angeles uses in an entire year.

Amazing. And the bottom line is this: The melting Arctic ice is fueling a rush for the North Pole region’s resources.

The Rush Is On!

Countries and oil companies that had previously written off the frozen Arctic are stampeding North in pursuit of massive oil and gas reserves.

As I mentioned before, both Canada and Denmark have sent warships to guard their Arctic territory. And TheNew York Times reports that energy-hungry China has set up a research station on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen.

Norway’s state-run oil company, Statoil, has built a massive exploration site in Hammerfest, Norway, nicknamed Snøhvit (“Snow White”). Next year the fuel will start to flow, and so will the money. “We estimate the Snow White project will earn 400 billion Kroner ($60 billion), and the reservoir is expected to last at least 30 years,” says Sverre Kojedal of Statoil.

Russia’s oil giant, Gazprom, has built an offshore site in the Russian portion of the Barents Sea, 600 km north of the Kola Peninsula. The site is already among the largest natural gas fields in the world — and will only grow as the ice continues to melt.

Of course, Exxon, BP, Chevron, and every other oil major on the planet are trying to strike deals with Norway, Russia, and Greenland... hoping for a piece of the action.

But while the big boys scramble for the Arctic’s “black gold”... I’ve isolated a tiny Canadian oil company that has already secured some of the Arctic’s most lucrative oil sites!

Let me tell you about it now...

The Best Way to Profit From the Arctic’s Black Gold

This little-known wildcatter had the same vision that turned Pat Broe’s $7 investment into $100 million. And because it is small and nimble, it was able to maneuver into prime position to exploit the situation before Big Oil got wise.

Bottom line: It started grabbing Arctic assets while most oil companies still considered the Arctic a mistake.

Back in 2003, this company entered the Norwegian sector through the acquisition of British Petroleum’s Gyda field. Last year, it took over Norwegian independent Pertra, and in December it also acquired Paladin’s Norwegian assets.

Combining these acquisitions with successful participation in recent licensing rounds, the company now has interests in nearly 40 licenses in the Arctic.

Bottom line: Although tiny in comparison to oil giants like Gazprom, Statoil, and Exxon, this little-known Canadian wildcatter is already the leading independent oil and gas company in the UK and the Norwegian portion of the North Sea.

And the company’s operations are already paying off in spades! In fact, the Arctic’s rich oil flow is filling this company’s pockets with crisp cool cash.

Let’s take a look at just how much oil these guys are sitting on...

Brimming With Precious Crude!

According to Fortune magazine, the oil replacement rate is the best gauge of an oil company’s growth prospects.

With the global oil shortage, most oil companies are having trouble replacing their current production. That’s because they can’t find new sources of oil.

Take Royal Dutch Shell...

Fortune magazine reports that Royal Dutch Shell was only able to replace 19% of recent annual production. It replaced a small fraction of what it sold. Obviously, that doesn’t bode well for future revenues.

But listen to this: The Canadian company I’m recommending today replaced its 2005 oil production at a stunning 189%!

The Street’s top analyst, Jim Cramer, calls this tiny Canadian wildcatter “one of the greatest drilling companies around the world.”

Think about that...

With the world running out of oil, this little-known company found nearly twice as much oil as it pumped out of the ground.

These guys are flat-out flush with precious crude! In fact, it’s brimming with roughly 1.6 billion barrels of reserves... with more coming in every day!

In 2005, the company set new quarterly and annual records for cash flow and earnings.

In July 2006, it announced record profits, doubled its income to $668 million — and boosted cash flow to a phenomenal $1.1 billion!

And here’s the best part: Most people don’t know about this company yet.

In fact, I’m nearly 100% certain that you have never heard of it. But before long, it’ll be a household name.

You see, the stock is already generating serious interest on Wall Street.

The stock is already starting to move. But the profit party is just getting started. Let me show you just how high this oil sensation could go.

Anonymous said...


100% Money-Back Guarantee!

If for any reason you aren’t 100% delighted with GRESSOR during the first 90 days… just say the word. I’ll send you a full refund.

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But you must act now! Here’s why:

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Second, if you enroll today as a GRESSOR Charter Member, you’ll save 60% off the normal $2,500 subscription fee. That’s a savings of over $1,500.

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PLUS: I can only hold this price for a few days — until September 30, 2005.

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Christian DeHaemer

Anonymous said...

This would be Talisman (TLM)...

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