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Do I Have To Do All The Work Around Here?

OK, gang, here's another mystery-hype-company, being hyped right now in order to sell a $1,000/year subscription to a newsletter named, "Extreme Value".

Below is the complete hype e-mail. The first of you readers who correctly identifies the stock gets his or her name published under the Comments section of this Blog. If no one identifies the stock in question by tomorrow morning, I'll reveal it myself....right after establishing my core position in it. Good Luck.


August 01, 2006

Dear Reader,
I just learned about a major oil discovery in Los Angeles.

According to the Los Angeles Times, over 680 MILLION barrels of oil are hidden beneath La Cienega Boulevard – right in the middle of downtown L.A.

My colleague Dan Ferris flew out there recently to learn the full details behind this unusual situation…

What he learned surprised me. According to Dan, one tiny oil driller owns all the rights to this discovery and has already begun full-scale drilling. The profit potential could be staggering.

See below for Dan’s full report from Los Angeles…

Good investing,

Porter Stansberry
Founder, S&A Investment Research


Secret Los Angeles Oil Discovery to Be Drilled This Month

The Los Angeles Times reports close to 200 MILLION
barrels of oil could be hidden beneath 900 acres of
land off La Cienega Boulevard in downtown Los Angeles.

One tiny oil driller will apply an underground
“X-ray” to locate it. Extraction has already begun…
and could return as much as 350%.

Dear Reader,
I recently spent $30,000 for my research team and I to attend a private meeting in Los Angeles.

It was held at a nondescript hotel near the airport, in a conference room where a handful of the country’s top investment managers gathered to discuss one thing:

A Secret Los Angeles oil discovery.

One of the men at this meeting was Jim Robbins – founder of a $3.5 billion hedge fund. A $10,000 investment in Robbins’s fund when it first began 11 years ago is worth over $153,000 today.

What Robbins revealed to me at the meeting were the full details behind an unusual situation. Not even The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal has written about it…

But the truth is, what I’m about to describe to you is one of the single biggest oil discoveries of the past 82 years.

And it’s located in Downtown L.A.

Here, hidden beneath 900 acres of land off La Cienega Boulevard, is an oil field so deep it produces enough crude oil to fill the tanks of 5,500 SUVs every day – based on a recent estimate reported in The Los Angeles Times.

In all, there’s 688 MILLION barrels of oil. Untapped. Right in the middle of downtown Los Angeles.

If you happen to live or work in Los Angeles, you may have already heard about this unusual situation…

But what you may not know is that one small oil-drilling company owns all the rights to this field, including the “X-ray”-style 3D technology that now makes it possible to extract about 200 million barrels successfully.

Full-scale drilling has now begun beyond the shallow test zones and into the deeper oil (already yielding 6,900 barrels of crude oil a day).

Bottom-line: One of the biggest secret oil discoveries in California is about to make a tiny oil-drilling company very big, very fast.

If the company extracts just one-third of the potential oil in the ground, its total revenue should expand by a factor of 18 – making it a multibillion-dollar outfit.

If you’re a shareholder when the full story hits the mainstream press over the next few months, you could make a fortune…

In this report, I’ll tell you everything I learned about the Los Angeles oil discovery at the private meeting I attended… and how a small stake today could easily make you 350% gains…

Los Angeles’s Secret Oil Supply

Los Angeles’s secret oil supply is located ten miles southwest of the Hollywood sign, between La Brea Avenue and La Cienega Boulevard…
Here – as The Los Angeles Times reports – a “passing motorist might think they've passed through a time warp and hyper-spaced into rural Oklahoma, circa 1920.”

Across 900 acres of urban land, hundreds of rocking-arm pumps raise and dip their heads like giant pecking birds. 6,900 barrels of oil a day are sucked from the ground using water injection, then piped out.

Known as the “La Pantano,” it’s one of only thirteen oil fields discovered along the Newport-Inglewood Structural Zone, a region so rich in oil it has produced over 3.4 BILLION barrels in the last century.

In fact, when it was first uncovered in 1924 during the Los Angeles oil boom, one of every five barrels of oil in the world came from this region…

That’s why oil companies have been testing, exploring, and drilling La Pantano ever since. But only a third of its total oil supply has been extracted (350 million barrels), and most of that soon after the initial discovery.

That means for 82 years now, one of the biggest oil deposits in California has gone untapped. A fortune in oil royalties has been stuck underground for all that time…

How is this possible?

Downtown Los Angeles holds the last deep oil reserve in California – the “La Pantano”: an untapped 82-year-old petroleum fortune.

Because La Pantano lies along one of the most complex geological faultlines in California – a series of folds and faults so knotted it has become a major subject for scientific studies.

A 1989 study in California Geology put it this way: “The surface topography in the Newport-Inglewood fault zone are structural traps for proven oil fields.”

Hard sand, combined with difficult geological features known as anticlines, trending surface features, and lateral strike-slip faults, has created an uneven layer of oil deposits that, for 82 years, reduced drilling to a matter of guesswork.

Today, that’s all about to change…

An “X-ray” drilling technology has recently allowed one small oil driller to map 21 square miles of the underground oil deposits at La Pantano…

And not only does it own all the exclusive data and drilling technology necessary to get the oil out, it also owns 100% rights to the field…

Put simply: One of the oldest, biggest oil deposits in America is about to get sucked from the ground – making one small company a GIANT.

Full-scale drilling is already underway…

How an Underground Oil
“X-ray” May Make You 350%

The drilling technology that makes this oil extraction possible – 3D seismology – is like an X-ray machine that lets you see into the earth…
It shows you exactly where to drill, how deep to drill, and which places to avoid. You eliminate all guesswork.

With 3D seismology, you consult your computer-generated map, guide in the drill, inject water and suck out the oil. That’s all it takes. It sounds easy, and it is. The only difficulty is that it takes time to gather 3D seismic data.

The oil-drilling company I’m telling you about has spent the past 15 years gathering seismic data, ever since it first acquired La Pantano in 1990.

It now owns enough seismic data to drill 21 square miles of the oil field. That’s why total test production at La Pantano has jumped over 200% in just the last two years.

And that’s only the beginning…
In the last six months alone, 27 new wells have been added…

That means starting today, the amount of oil being drilled should begin to increase… an increase that should continue exponentially as each new well taps into the 200 MILLION barrels of oil estimated to be underground.

At today’s oil prices, imagine what the value of almost 200 MILLION barrels will do to this little company’s stock price.

So far this company’s drilling projects have made its investors 350%.

Here’s why I think you’ll do even better than that…

Underground Oil “X-ray” Helps to
Turn $5,000 Stake into $18,000

Finding the oil in La Pantano using the 3D “X-ray” technology should prove to be four times more successful than traditional exploration.
As a recent study in Forbes magazine reports: “3D seismic imaging does such an effective job of pinpointing hidden reserves of oil that it can boost the success rate for drilling from 20% to 80%.”

In fact, the U.S. Government reports of this amazing technology: “3D seismic will reduce the worldwide cost of finding new oil reserves by 47%.”

For the tiny oil driller I’m telling you about, this technology could create an opportunity to boost profit potential by about 50%, and generate huge returns at La Pantano as field-wide deep-drilling continues…

That’s because after 15 years of gathering 3D seismic data, it has mapped a total of 21 square miles of La Pantano’s underground oil deposits – and can pinpoint exactly where the most massive oil pockets are located.

It has the exclusive ability to remove and sell that oil immediately, and do so at a faster and more effective rate than previous attempts at removing La Pantano oil.

And according to a study in Oil & Gas Report, “3D [seismic] has established a proven improvement factor in the 25-30% range in return on investment.”

Just consider how other oil exploration and drilling companies have performed after using 3D seismic technology…

Parallel Petroleum rose 900%.
Surge Global Energy rose 700%.
Aurora Oil & Gas (up 300%) and Brigham Exploration Company (up 460%) have also “X-rayed” their oil deposits using 3D seismic technology.
What it boils down to is this: In the oil-drilling business, 3D seismic data gives you the best possible chance that you’ll strike oil and remove it from the ground. And at La Pantano, the only oil company who owns the seismic data necessary to tap into an 82-year-old oil fortune is the tiny driller I’ve been telling you about…
If you’re looking for a great low-risk oil play, this is about as close as you’ll get.

You see, the amazing thing about this situation is that you could make money on this company even if it never drilled a single barrel of oil, and even if the price of oil drops by 50% overnight. Sounds impossible, I know, so let me explain…

How to Double Your Money No Matter
What Happens to Oil

When I first learned about the La Pantano discovery, I was impressed with the oil potential. But what really amazed me, upon further research, was learning that even in a worst-case scenario, you should still double your money, simply by holding this stock.
In other words: The company could theoretically go bankrupt – and you would still make a killing by owning shares.

How is this possible?

Well, the truth is, the La Pantano oil driller I’ve been telling you about isn’t just another typical “oil play”…

This company is what I call an “Extreme Value” play, because the assets it holds are currently worth considerably more than the share price.

This means you can make this investment with essentially no risk.

Even in the worst-case scenario… where the company is forced to sell off everything it owns… or the price of oil drops in half overnight… you still make money. Let me show you:

The company owns 5,304 acres of land in southern California – valued by the stock market at $315 million today. That works out to about $59,000 an acre for prime real estate in one of the most densely populated areas in the country.

Housing development lots in this area alone should sell for as much as $500,000 per acre over the next few years – almost ten times that amount.

Now consider the oil this company owns:

Outside La Pantano, the oil-driller is sitting on a proven oil reserve of 356 million barrels. How much is that worth? Well, even if oil drops to half its current price… and sells for $35 a barrel… that still amounts to $9.4 BILLION, almost THREE TIMES the total value for this entire company on the stock market.

Now do you see why the La Pantano oil-driller is an “Extreme Value” stock?

Believe me, it takes a lot of work to determine the underlying prices and total amount of all of these assets.

But I believe this is the only way to ever invest in a stock.

And it’s the only proven way to really get rich in the stock market. The “value” strategy has been used by the most well-known, super-successful investors in the world… including Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway (the second-richest man in the world, according to Forbes) and the late William Ruane ($10,000 in his Sequoia Fund at inception would be worth $1.7 million today).

I’ve been using this strategy for the past 10 years to find the absolute best, safest, most overlooked “value” investment situations in the world, for a small group of in-the-know investors…

My name is Dan Ferris.

I’m the Editor of Extreme Value, an investment advisory published by Stansberry & Associates Investment Research.

Extreme Value focuses on finding the safest, cheapest stocks in the market – “value” investment situations, like the oil driller at La Pantano I’ve been telling you about.

If you would like to learn more about this situation, I’ll send you a detailed Research Report I’ve prepared, called The Los Angeles Oil Discovery, free of charge.

If you’ve never heard of the “value” strategy before, I’m not surprised. Most people haven’t…

But in the 10 years I’ve spent in the financial advisory industry, I have never seen another investment strategy work so consistently… and bring such outstanding gains. Nor have I seen any strategy that offers you such a huge margin of safety.
Let me show you an example…

A few years ago, I flew to the island of Maui, rented a car, and toured 37,000 acres of sugarcane fields owned by a company called Alexander & Baldwin.

I was led there by John Moxie, the company’s Vice President of Farming Operations. He showed me each stage of the sugarcane growing process…

Then I went to the Maui County Real Property Assessment Division in the Maui Mall – where I found 242 tax records filed under Alexander & Baldwin’s name.

Why is that important? Because I discovered that the real assets owned by the company were selling on the stock market for a fraction of what they really cost.

Specifically: The company owns 90,600 acres of Hawaiian land, most of it on the islands of Maui and Kauai. But I discovered that almost all of it is carried on the company’s books at its original average cost of just $150 an acre. Today, some of that land is worth in excess of $1 million per acre…

I immediately recommended this rarely publicized company to my group of Extreme Value readers…

Since then (as of July 2006), the stock is up 115%, with a long way to go, in my opinion.

It’s because of situations like this that our Extreme Value portfolio has delivered a 1,464% total return over the past four years – turning every $5,000 stake into $73,200… with very little risk.

And it’s also why not a single one of our 21 current Extreme Value stocks has gone down in value. Not one penny. In fact, our average gain is more than 32.9%.

I began my career in the investment business in 1997, doing financial research for one of the largest investment research publishers in the world, with subscribers in over 127 different countries.

In all that time, I’ve learned that nothing works like the “value” strategy.

Simply put: When you buy these kinds of investments, you’re buying the safest and most profitable stocks in the entire market.

This was proven in several studies – most notably in a 1992 study in The Journal of Finance, the most respected journal in its field.

The study was done by two well-known economists, Ken French and Eugene Fama (nominated for a Nobel Prize in Economics), who studied the prices and performance of every stock on the NYSE, the American Stock Exchange, and the Nasdaq from mid-1963 through 1990.

What they found was incredible…

The economists discovered that the cheapest 10% of stocks – “value” stocks that trade at a discount to their total assets – returned an average of 21.4% each year, for over 24 years.

This study also found that these kind of safe, cheap stocks brought 189% higher returns per year than the markets – performing especially well during bear markets. Riskier, more expensive “growth” stocks, in the same time period, returned just 8%.

This proved that Value Stocks – the cheapest 10% of all stocks – make the most money in the stock market. Take a look:

But these two well-known economists weren’t the only researchers who studied why this investment strategy has been so successful…
Forbes magazine has investigated it as well, reporting that: “Since 1965, [value stocks] have appreciated 13,315%, versus an increase of 767% for the Dow Jones industrial average.”

Now do you see why I spend so much time and money traveling, researching, and talking with company insiders to learn about these situations?

Let me show you how I put the “Extreme Value” strategy to use, so you can see if it’s right for you…

How to Beat the Stock Market by 189%

As of this writing (July 2006), there are 21 recommendations in our Extreme Value portfolio… and every single one of them is showing a gain.
Our average gain: 32.9%.

That means if you had bought just 100 shares of each of our recommended stocks since we first began Extreme Value four years ago, today your holdings would be worth $256,485.74.

If you had bought 500 shares each, your Extreme Value portfolio would be worth $1,282,428.68 today.

But I have a confession…

Unlike most financial analysts, I don’t discover the stocks I recommend by sitting behind a computer all day…

Instead, to uncover the best, most overlooked value situations available, I travel all over the country – to places like Massachusetts, New York, Virginia, Delaware, Washington state, Idaho, Oregon, California, Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Bermuda, and Canada.

I meet with company insiders and executives… interviewing them over lunch or dinner, sometimes, to learn as much information as I can.

For example, during a trip to California, I once spoke with the President and CEO of one of the leading power companies in the world.

I pay over $250,000 for a private research team… spend hours poring over tax documents in nondescript offices… and days at a time in hotel rooms, sitting at my laptop and going through a company’s financial statements one by one.

If you think this kind of ground-level, hands-on research is a little extreme, I admit it: Maybe it is. But the fact is, it takes hard work to track down rare and incredible investment opportunities – I live out of my suitcase some weeks. So far, however, our approach has been really paying off (gains as of July 2006)…

For example, I once spent an entire week reviewing Federal documents from Washington, D.C. for 2,901 different companies. And I discovered a “mutual fund” called KHD Humboldt Wedag, which owns a royalty interest in a massive, undervalued iron-ore mine in Newfoundland. I then learned that Forbes-listed billionaire and company insider Peter Kellogg was loading up on shares of this company’s stock…
Today, readers who followed my recommendation to buy KHD Humboldt Wedag have seen gains of 184.6%.

That same week, after meeting with the manager of an exclusive asset management firm focused on high-net worth individuals, I found another value situation – a company called American Real Estate Partners, which owns a chain of hotels and resorts.
So far, my readers have seen gains of 131.6% on this company.

A month later, by gaining access to a restricted mutual fund run by one of the most recognized managers in the world, we found a company called EnCana Corp., which owns over 25 million acres of oil-rich land selling at $30 less per share than what the stock was actually worth.
I wrote to my Extreme Value readers about this oil-drilling company, and those who followed my advice to buy have made gains of 153.4%.

Our Extreme Value strategy works for one reason:
When you buy these kinds of investments, you’re buying the safest, cheapest stocks in the entire market. Every investment has a built in safety net – because the assets the company owns are worth more than the stock price!

Even if the company goes bankrupt, in other words, you would still make a killing as bottom-line assets are sold off and the market corrects itself…

Let me tell you about another extreme-valued opportunity I’ve uncovered… It’s probably the single best place to put your money for the next 10 years…

“World’s Greatest Hedge Fund”
Now Accepting New Investors

Most investors know about the greatest Extreme Value investment in the world.
It has made ordinary people millionaires, many times over. And it’s actually as cheap today as it’s been in years.

A fellow named David Murphy, for example, who’s a lawyer, borrowed $5,000 from his mother-in-law to make a single investment in what I call “the World’s Greatest Hedge Fund.”

“Most lawyers die at their desks,” Murphy says. “I could quit when I was 55 because of [this investment].”

It may sound hard to believe that you could, literally, be set for life just by making one single investment. But as Money magazine reports: “[This investment] has made millionaires out of hundreds of investors…”

For example, Daniel and Mary Jane Owen began with an investment of around $50,000. When they passed away, they left behind an estate worth $800 million – almost all of it generated from this one single investment.

Roger Samuelson was an early investor, too. He bought in at $1,200. Since then, the dollar return on his investment is $69,300 – a 5,675% gain.

Now do you see why I call this investment the “World’s Greatest Hedge Fund”?

When you invest, you own profitable interests in both public and private companies, commodities, stocks, bonds, corporate debt, currencies, banks, building products, consumer staples, energy, utilities, and real estate – with just one single investment.

All of the assets in the portfolio have one thing in common: They are bought at Extreme Value prices. So you get a huge margin of safety… and tremendous upside potential.

Renowned financial journal Kiplinger’s says of this investment: “a portfolio that has stood the test of time… better by a mile than any mutual fund.”

If you decide to invest, you’ll see that – unlike real hedge funds you may have heard about – this investment vehicle is one of the safest around… and by far one of the most profitable.

Peter Lynch, former manager of the famous Fidelity Magellan Fund, says of the “World’s Greatest Hedge Fund”:

“If you bought the S&P 500 in WWII, you’ve made 54 times your money. [This investment] has beaten the hell out of the stock market.”

Just consider the last five years…

The “World’s Greatest Hedge Fund” has made 14 times better gains than the Dow in the same time frame.

And when you look at how this investment has performed over the long term, you’ll see why it’s made so many people into millionaires…

In the last 10 years, this investment returned 321% gains to its investors.
And over the last 20 years, it’s returned an astonishing 947%.

In any market – short or longterm – it’s hard to find stable, superior returns like that in just one single investment.

The odds are that no single stock will ever pay you even a fraction of what you’ll get over the next few years from this particular investment.

And while this investment doesn’t come cheap, I can almost guarantee you won’t find any stock that goes on making you money, year after year, for over 20 years, as the “World’s Greatest Hedge Fund” has done.

In fact, I’ve never seen any investment that’s as safe, steady, and super-profitable…
The best part is, you can buy shares with just one call or click to your broker… right on the regular U.S. exchanges. That’s what makes this one of the most obvious “no-brainer” investments I’ve ever come across in my career.

There’s simply no way you could get this kind of long-term performance – and this kind of outstanding money management – from any other investment in your entire investment career.

That’s why – if you want to make a lot of money with just one single investment – I strongly recommend you take a look at the “World’s Greatest Hedge Fund.”

If you like the sound of this investment, all the details you’ll need to know are in a new Research Report I’ve published called The “World’s Greatest Hedge Fund.”

You can receive this new research free of charge when you give my Extreme Value advisory a no-risk trial today. That’s in addition to my report, The Los Angeles Oil Discovery, which I mentioned earlier.

But before you read any further… before you even consider a trial subscription to Extreme Value… let me point something out…

Please Be Advised:

Extreme Value may not be right for you.
It’s not for the average investor.

In fact, it’s not for most investors… Extreme Value is designed for a small group of people who are interested in putting their investment money into unheard-of companies often involved in “boring” industries.

In the majority of cases, that means putting your money into a company your broker may not know about… with little-to-no coverage on Wall Street… and then forgetting about it for months at a time…

That’s why my Extreme Value readers tend to be hands-off, patient investors who want to invest for the long term… and expect staggering returns as a result.

For example: Back in 2002, I wrote to my readers about a small Pennsylvania-based company called Blair, that sells women’s apparel. Nobody had ever heard of it… But I was able to determine that Blair offered one of the best discounted stocks on the market…

Readers who held their nose and bought shares of this “boring” company more than doubled their money, for a 110.6% gain.

Here’s another example: Our research team traveled to Florida and toured hundreds of acres of timberland owned by a company called Consolidated Tomoka. All told, it owns a total of 250,000 acres of trees, worth three times more than what it was selling for.

I wrote to my readers about this company immediately, saying: “The worst you can do is double your money.” We were right. Since we added it to our Extreme Value portfolio, the stock is up 98%.

What I’m trying to say is, if you’re looking for the “next hot trend” or hot new technology, I can tell you right now: Extreme Value is not for you.

That said, the companies I add to the Extreme Value portfolio all have one thing in common: If you get in early, they should all double or even triple your money – with extremely low risk.

But how can you be sure Extreme Value is right for you? Here’s what I propose…

3 Months, 100% No Risk

You wouldn’t consider buying a new car without a test drive, would you?
It’s my opinion the same should hold true for investment research – especially for Extreme Value, one of our more elite investment services.

That’s why if you’re interested in becoming a member, I’d like to let you try it out first – risk-free – for three months.

That means you can learn all the details about the Los Angeles oil discovery and the “World’s Greatest Hedge Fund,” and still have a total of three months to decide whether or not you’d like to remain a member of our Extreme Value group.

If you decide that Extreme Value is not for you, simply contact us by phone, e-mail, or regular mail, and you’ll receive a full refund, no questions asked.

Even if you wait until the very last day of your three-month trial to cancel, you’ll still receive 100% of your money back if you’re not happy with our research. And my Research Reports are yours to keep, and use, as you please.

For that matter, once your three-month trial period is over, you can still receive a refund on the unused portion of your subscription if you’re unhappy.

I think that’s only fair.

How to Make $293,400… In Just 4 Years

If you had put a $20,000 stake four years ago when Extreme Value first began into each of our recommended stocks, today you’d have a profit of $293,400.
That’s a 1,467% total return… in just 4 years.

If that surprises you, just consider what some of my long-time readers have written to me over the years…

Paul Dickson, a 78-year-old doctor (still practicing) from Philadelphia, recently told me: “Your recommended extreme valued investments have helped to almost double my holdings in the past 2 ½ years, from $500,000 to $950,000.”

Reader Wesley Calleran from Ohio writes: “I have probably achieved gains of about $250,000 on your investment recommendations. As a group, these investments have about doubled during that time period.”

“I am extremely happy with the lack of risk and the high performance of your selections,” adds reader Bill Benning, from Texas. “I frankly would not have believed such a good newsletter was available.”

So how much does a one-year subscription to Extreme Value cost?

Before I tell you, let me make something clear…

As part of my research, I subscribe to 23 different publications and services – including The Wall Street Journal… Barron’s… Grant’s… SmartMoney… Outstanding Investor Digest… Los Angeles Business Journal… Technology Review… Value Investor Insight… Fortune… Forbes… Schiff’s Insurance Observer… and Spin-off Advisors’ Spin-off Research…

You name it, I probably read it.

It costs me $26,000 a year for all this material.

I spend even more attending private investment conferences – such as Grant’s Interest Rate Observer… Schiff’s Insurance Observer… and the Value Investing Congress, to name a few.

I fly all over the country… When I wanted to research alternative energy a while back, I visited research labs and company headquarters all over the Northwest… in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and California…

I meet with people like David Schiff… the smartest financial detective in the insurance business… and Mohnish Pabrai, a well-known fund manager who has been compared to Warren Buffett by Forbes magazine… (Pabrai reads Extreme Value every month).

And that’s only the beginning of what it takes to track down the Extreme Value investment situations I uncover…

When I’m home, I shut myself in the office for sixteen-hour stretches, going through stacks and stacks of the inside information I’ve collected…

How many people keep four copies of Ben Graham’s Security Analysis handy? I have the 1934, 1940, 1951, and 1988 editions. I also have two editions of Graham’s Intelligent Investor.

Of course, all this research is what makes my job exciting…

…but also very expensive, month after month, and year after year.

So Extreme Value isn’t cheap. But then, this isn’t just another $99 newsletter written by a stock-picker who sits behind his computer clicking a mouse all day…

If that’s what you’re looking for, I’ll tell you again: Extreme Value may not be right for you. We’re only interested in the kind of little-known investment opportunities you’ll never hear about anywhere else… companies that could literally help you put your kid through college, or buy a getaway vacation home.

And as you might expect… finding those companies is why I spend so much time and energy in my research.

Extreme Value costs $1,000 for one full year. No discounts. No price breaks.

Is the price worth it? I think so… especially considering that a small $200 investment in the oil driller at La Pantano could – by itself – pay for your entire subscription…

Think of it this way: Investors pay hedge fund managers tens of thousands of dollars to get a 15% to 20% return in a year.

You can pay a fraction of that amount – and get recommendations that return, on average, more than 50%.

Mohnish Pabrai, an investment manager whose fund has grown from $1 million to $218 million in 6 years and who was featured in Forbes magazine as having out-performed Warren Buffett for four straight years, says:

“I read Extreme Value every month. It's one of the best value-oriented
advisories I receive.”
When you give Extreme Value a no-risk trial today, here’s what you’ll receive:
12 Monthly Extreme Value Newsletter reports on the single most outstanding value investment opportunity available, delivered on the second Friday of each month. You’ll receive a copy first by e-mail, then by regular mail too.

Research Report #1: The Los Angeles Oil Discovery

Research Report #2: The “World’s Greatest Hedge Fund”

Regular e-mail updates on our investment portfolio.

Instant online access to our full 3-year archive of research – where you’ll learn all the details on 14 super-safe and potentially very lucrative Extreme Value stocks I still consider a Strong Buy.

And remember, to give you enough time to decide whether or not Extreme Value is right for you, I’ll give you three (3) months to try it out on your own… You’ll have my Research Reports… complete portfolio… archive… and latest issues to help you make your decision.

I encourage you to get started today. Oil drilling at La Pantano has already begun, and I think it’s only a matter of weeks before Wall Street picks up on this situation…

To order, simply click here.


Dan Ferris


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