Thursday, June 01, 2006


Upwards to 30K subscribers to Tobin Smith's, "ChangeWave Investing" received an email after the close of trading on Thursday, pumping a penny stock that was not identified in the email. In order to learn the identity of what Toby terms, "Your Turn for 1,000% Profits," you have to take a trial subscription to his service, "ChangeWave Microcaps."

Or, you can read today's AllAllan Blog.

In his enthusiasm for this stock opportunity, Toby left enough clues on the table for me to identify this stock. I suspect that between his ChangeWave subscribers who also figured it out, and those who upon reading the pump decided to sign-up for the service, that there will be a pop in the stock on Friday, maybe carrying through to next week. So here we go again. Remember, SGMO went from $5.85 to over $8.00 on the strength of a similar campaign by Porter Stansbury's outfit.

First, some snippets from Toby's hype:

I've attached two things to this e-mail:

1. The note I sent to subscribers about this stock (with the name written as XXXXX - it wouldn't be fair to them to name it here).

I'm writing because all our research suggests there's another 1,000% upside from here. This is your second (and probably last) chance to join this ten-bagger club. Got a little risk capital burning a hole in your pocket? If this works out as we expect, you'll make a fortune.

2. A longer message I sent previously to the ChangeWave family about this stock. We're in this one to win big-time. But you must act fast before the rest of the world catches on.

What's happening with XXXX now XXXX is using the strength of their patents to "roll up" the privately held mobile marketing world. By this time next year, they will be the undisputed leader in delivering technology and marketing services to cell phones. Their strategy is simple: You either agree to pay royalties and licensing fees to XXXX on its patents that enable marketing over the Internet to mobile phones... ...or we'll buy you out IF you can help us become the dominant player faster.

Right now you can steal this stock under 30 cents - that's my signal for "Back up the truck and BUY." Then hold on for a wild ride to $5 or more.

This company's PaperClick technology takes your cell phone... ...and transforms it into a "magic wand" that connects you instantly, anywhere you want to go on the Internet. Make a purchase... read product reviews... make your dinner reservation... watch a movie trailer... enter a contest... get an coupon... sample a song... instantly.

And I believe it can QUINTUPLE your money from here - and that's just to start.

I can't guarantee your profits on this pick. I believe we'll get to $1.50 per share (from 28 cents today) before long, but I can't
guarantee it. After all, this is still a fledgling company that still faces a number of obstacles. That's the name of the game when you're own home-run-capable microcaps.

Now the stock: NEOM

Confirmation: Much of Toby's hype comes directly from a series of press releases from the company web site.

I'm in.



Anonymous said...

I'm in for a small, 1000 shares at .235

Hardly any unusual volume yet...

In the text, you wrote "I believe we'll get to $1.50 per share (from 28 cents today) "

My chart of the stock for the last 10 days says its peak price is just under 24¢.... so when did he write that?


curt504 said...

Thanks Alan for the tip.

BTW I've been guessing TS's picks for a while and to be honest his stocks haven't budged! XDSL, NEOM, are the two I can remember that I was in for 3-5 months enduring the OTCBB trickle down. TS has been pumping NEOM for perhaps a year. Even Lebed's pull on a tout is stronger than TS's from my vantage point. :)

Anyone notice a TS tout move big the next day?

Oh yes he was touting coal stocks for longer than a year and it's a good call but FDG / BHP haven't really done that well _since_ he touted.

All my opinions. Tnx to all, curt

A said...

curt, Toby moves stocks intraday on his special "alerts" emailed to subscribers, pretty consistent....also will pop the stock the next morning from subs that don't get to read the email until after market hours....beyond those two predictable pops, Toby, like Cramer, brings nothing to the table.


A said...

kirk, looks like Toby wrote the blurb a few days weeks ago when NEOM was at $0.28, but just sent it out last night.

Anonymous said...

He's been sending out a similar email touting NEOM for over a year. He barely changes the text. I get it almost every week and I don't think it move a stock much. I subscribe to his letter what does move a stock in a short term is a new recommendation by him of something susceptible to increase in volume or the raising of his buy under on a stock that has run hard. Almost always there is a pull back.

I don't know if I would say he brings nothing. He's not a great trader and his picks suck in the short term, but his research alliance is pretty accurate for long term trends.


Anonymous said...

PTSC moving on news...

Anonymous said...


A little Friday humor (sick though it may be):

A company called UpSnap has decided to be complete assholes and try to profit from the potential cataclysmic epidemic of bird flu. The service will inform persons when bird flu has reached their area with a text message.
On a more positive note, this isn’t just some jackhole sitting in his basement watching the news everyday sending text messages. UpSnap’s information comes directly from the Homeland Security Department, Centers for Disease Control, FEMA and the FBI.

I'm curious about the wording of the UpSnap texts. Here’s one possibility: “Bird flu has now reached your area. Have a nice day!”

OK, maybe we don't want to add this company to our bird flu backet.


A said...

As a day-trade, I'm out of NEOM for a modest 6% gain. There may be a case for holding this longer-term, but I'll leave that up to others to decide if the risk:reward is there.

Toby sent out another alert today to his subscribers, raising his "buy limit" on CUP to $5.00. This was good for a 15% pop in CUP in about two hours.

NEOM and CUP are examples of how I trade these days, looking for triggers to move stocks small distances in short periods of time. No "ifs, ands, or buts" regarding underlying value, just watching the tape and developing some instincts for what moves stocks.

Hoping you are getting something out of it.


Anonymous said...

Technically, I like how NEOM has made a double bottom... I might hold on and see if I get the run this guy has been looking for.

I made some NEW PTSC charts

I added at 77¢ and it is now $1.30ish... Thanks for the heads up on that!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see somebody is writing about Toby boy. It's amazing that people like him, Cramer, Price Headley and various other snake oilers are given forums like TV quick pick shows. I guess some people have to be sheep or there wouldn't be anyone to fleece.

Ronny said...

Hi Allan,do you ever buy right at the open in the trading day?

A said...

Burn me once, your bad, burn me twice, my bad (or something like that). Now I wait a few minutes.


curt504 said...

Allan, BTW thanks for: As a day-trade, I'm out of NEOM for a modest 6% gain.

I welcome your tips notes on strategy.

BTW did you get a piece of that Sony tip for PTSC? :)) What a monster. I also stirred up talk about the fundamentals and is helping re-build PTSC's base with new investers. All very good. Their move to the rocket-docket will help too.

good luck to all, curt

A said...

curt, NEOM had the potential to be up 20% or more, a lot more and still may get there, But for a 24-hour trade, 6% isn't too shaby...we can only take what the market offers.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I'm new tradin in us. Got some profits out from trading one of the highest flying bourse of the last 5 years. But this is a complex ball game here. I started with Changewave from Toby Smith...He's a showman and a I turned to Hulbert and chose one from the top performance and a couple from the top ten and some others. In all, I paid about 1000$ and have made about $7000 in a couple months by picking a few trades on selected recomendations. The results are ok, but I still am not convinced this is the way to go. I find too many loosers in all recommended portfolios. So, I'm hesitant as to commit larger funds still.

Going too long here, so, I'll like to know which are the respected and more followed newsletters around..
Thanks in advance for the advise.

Ps. I read a post the other day of a stock picking service that charged $100 monthly fees, only in up months. Apparently it had good results which it posted. I saved the link, but it just dissapeared.. if anyone recalls it, thanks