Friday, June 16, 2006

California Dreaming

Leaving Laguna Beach in a few hours for our final weekend in Arizona. What a wonderful trip this has been, just me, my daughter Alana and her friend Anna. Can you spell B-O-N-D-I-N-G? Family, you don't know what you got till its gone......

As for stocks, yesterday made up a lot of lost ground and to some, Harry Dent in particular, confirmed an important low is in and a multi-year rally is ahead. Keep your eyes on bird flu developments, as in the cover story in USA Today, today, "Alaska is front line vs. avian virus." Best speculative opportunites maybe be NNVC and NVAX. Please note, speculative.

Father's Day in Sedona? Trying to make it happen, but it won't matter, as I will be with one of my daughters and where we will be.....will be with each other.



Anonymous said...

Do you know any other bloggers who trade?

Anonymous said...

Allan has metioned this blog before:

dan said... - follow his links then for more bloggers.

DreamIt Ventures said...

I may be in a fog but I wanted to send Allan an email and can't find his email address on the site (other than the Sally address).

Probably just being dumb but if anyone can add it up here I'd appreciate it.


A said...

E-mail me at and I'll provide you his email address.


Anonymous said...

Have you made any moves on NNVC? Any suggestions on it?