Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Somethings moving this stock. At 73 cents, Buy now ask questions later.



curt504 said...

Uranium might be hitting the bottom of a small correction. Just put limit buys on FRG and NWTMF. We'll see if I get any.


tnx curt

A said...

curt - with uranium, i'm not playing the wiggles, just buy and hold for the big move up measured in years, not days.


Anonymous said...

"Wave Systems Corp. ("Wave") has signed an OEM Software Distribution agreement with Broadcom Corporation ("Broadcom") permitting the distribution of Wave's Embassy® Security Center (ESC) and Cryptographic Service Provider (CSP) software technology with Broadcom devices that include a Trusted Platform Module (TPM). Wave will receive a per-unit royalty based on Broadcom's sales of products that are equipped with or include Wave's software technology. Although the contract requires an initial pre-payment of royalties, it does not provide for guaranteed minimum or maximum shipped quantities or royalties."
I think george gilder is on the board

Anonymous said...

Wavx moving again.