Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Letter from Sarah

Being gone for over a week, I picked up a pretty big stack of mail yesterday. Finally going through it all, found one from my daughter Sarah. I wanted to share a part of it here, since I dragged all of you into this on Monday and you deserve to know.

"....You give me so much Dad, & I really do appreciate it, I love you so much for it. And I won't date again until I meet someone who can give to me & support me as you do, b/c that's what I deserve. I can't wait to see you again, we will celebrate & do something special......"



Anonymous said...

Excellent update. Sounds like time may be on your side.

Shaft said...

I can relate bro. My daughter is graduating from University next year (nursing) and will try her hand in medicine. Sarah will do fine she has a very loving dad.

Anonymous said...

Hi A:

Too many parents have been convinced that non-judgmentalism is the essence of kindness, that psychic pain (anger)is a pathology in need of a cure.

Too many parents seek the "easy way", the path of least resistance, instead of doing what we believe is right, which may be the "hard way".

It is OK to make value judgements and teach those values to our children.

Being a good parent isn't easy, it is a responsibility, and it is worth all the effort, emotional scars, and sacrifice.

All other assests pale in comparison to the value of our children.


Anonymous said...

preponderance of friendly persuasive communication can work wonders. bringing up children invloves lot of sacrifices. alls well that ends well and I am sure life will come back to its original path.