Wednesday, February 15, 2006


One of our bird flu stocks is up on news today. NVAX is trading up 5% on news of a collaboration with the University of Pittsburgh.

In and of itself, good news.

But take a look at this news story from two weeks ago, "Breakthrough in Bird Flu Vaccine."

Putting them together suggests that "Breakthrough" and NVAX are synonymous.

You do the math.


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Anonymous said...


Here's another stock rocket you might want to buy some tickets for. CTUM, up 800% since friday but still sporting a tiny market cap of 9 million.

They just signed a 10 year contract with Dupont to provide natural gas converted from landfills. Insider buying preceded today's announcement.

They also have two other promising technological segments, recently announcing progress in their attempt to introduce a new surgical welding procedure.

CTUM is currently trading at 35 cents.