Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Gilder Effect

Remember the go-go days of the late nineties, when George Gilder could send a stock into orbit by adding it to his portfolio list? Apart from being the genesis of my current trading activities, if the bull market were personified, that bull market wore the identity of George Gilder.

What is "gg" up to these days? I am still a subscriber, finding his monthly newsletter and perhaps more substantively, his subscriber forum, worth the price of admission, if not for the tech-na-babble, then certainly for a handful of trading ideas a year that more then make up for the annual subscription of $195 or $295 (depending on what you ask for when you call subscription services, really).

This weekend the Gilder Report for February arrived on-line. First, George took apart the bad-news bears that frequent Barron's Roundtable every year at this time. It was refreshing to hear the other side of global disintegration presented by George, global integration if you will, the flip side of Armegeddon:

"In any case, across the Barron's panel simmers wide sentiment that the 'dollar is doomed.' These guys have it exactly wrong. In fact, impelled by the spread of capitalism, by the expanding share of the U.S. financial markets, and by the Chinese adoption of a near dollar standard for its currency, the dollar is becoming increasingly dominant."

As for stocks, George still has his favorites and they haven't changed much in the past few months, or years for that matter. I wouldn't really be giving away the ship if I noted here that QCOM is stlll atop his list, but I'll stop short of naming names from his, Telecosm List, a professional courtesy sort of ethic.

This is what Gilder says about his companies, worth noting here, as George's, big picture vision has been 20-20 in such matters over the past ten years:

"All of them [companies on Gilder's Buy list] are on the right side of the most furitful and promising transformation in the history of the world economy. While the anxieties of the world continue to mount, this is a time to be invested in the suberb American platforms on the Telecosm list." ---George Gilder, February 8, 2006


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