Thursday, January 19, 2006


A break in the action, finally, so here is a collection of links that should contain something for everyone:

1. An Interview with Ray Kurzweil. This was posted to another forum by my friend and accountant, Gene Prescott.

"If it were up to the Luddites, human life expectancy would still be 37, and we'd still be dying from bacterial infections," says Ray Kurzweil in this wide-ranging interview. The anti-technology movement "is fundamentally misguided, because it fails to appreciate the profound benefits technology has brought."

2. My new cell phone.

3. Terry Laundry's T Theory, Update.

"Some time ago (see Archives) I reviewed the details of the current big A-D T's construction and compared it to the comparable A-D T coming out of the 1932 bottom to illustrate the basic time symmetry concept. In that analysis I showed that the multiple bottoms in late 2002/early 2003 should be taken as an overall bottom formation and the center of the T should split this bottom range. The left end of these Ts is always at the prior A-D line peak which is very obvious in the chart. Thus the left side of this T is well defined by a cash build up period of about 4.5 years. Assuming inherent time symmetry, which is the fundamental basis of all Ts, then the market advance in stock prices (the S&P) should persist within the right side of the T for an identical time period; that is from the '03 low to the projected market peak, computed to be near March 2007."

4. My new wheels*.

"Driving Impressions:
Endless power from either snarling V8 combined with a tight suspension results in a sports car that never ceases to put a smile on your face. All three of the suspension packages deliver a compliant ride along with white-knuckled handling abilities. The C6 is a comfortable touring car, as well as a world-class performance machine. The Z06 version is an unforgettable monster on the street."

*Subject to an end to winter.

5. Trading. If the rest of 2006 is as good as the first 19 days have been to me and my accounts, I should be able to buy a set of those wheels for all of you.



Ronny said...

Allan,after an excellent year in '05,I have gotten off to a slow start this year.Where have your big gains come from this year? The I Buys aren't popping as much for me.

A said...

Where have your big gains come from this year?

My bread and butter daytrading system, of which i-buys represent only about 20% of the trades.


Anonymous said...

what a tease . . .

please teach us more . . .

A said...

I appreciate your sentiment, but, the remainder of my trading system could be sensitive too many users, all trying to get into the door at the same time, so I keep it pretty close to the vest. If something comes up that I can share without risking my ability to profit from it, I'll readily post. Those opportunities, like I-Buys and NNVC (ten cents to two dollars and change) will have to do for now.


Anonymous said...

could be at the start of a run! the risk here is that it is a pinkie!
None of its financials are known! But this is what is known:

1. GFCI has spun off its Jet Motor division into a company called
CTBG.PK. Unoffciailly the dividend is 1:2 i.e for every share of GFCI
the SH will receive 2 shares of CTBG.PK. Official announcement of the dividend structure could take place anytime in the next 30 days!jmo.

2. Jet Motors is a cash cow. They have 50 motors on rent in the field, fetching more than 2.5million$ per month. They have have another 50 slated to go on rent. JM is patented.

3. GFCI is also a cash cow. LYAMEC a Libyan company has taken a stake
in GFCI. This brings opportunities for GFCI for the Libyan Oil Fields development and the neighboring countries!
Financials for GFCI and CTBG could be out anytime next 30 days.jmo
Operating the O&G services industry. That's all I know.

Anonymous said...

Hi A:

I am reading Kurzweil's book "Fantastic Voyage" which is mostly about diet & nutrition supplimentation to extend your life expectancy (Bridge One); in order to live long enough to take advantage of coming advances (next twenty years) in medical science (gene therapy, etc.) that will further extend our life expectancy (Bridge Two); in order to live long enough for the really amazing nano technology advances (next 30-40 years) that Ray believes will allow us to live FOREVER (Bridge Three). There is much worthwhile information in this book, even though I think Ray (and his co-author Terry), have tkaen their own advice to extreems. Ray takes over 250 pills and suppliments daily, plus spends one full day every week in his doctors office getting intravenious supplimentation. It is no wonder that he can claim he eats very little real food anymore, after injesting all those pills every day who could eat.

I am now taking a multi vitamin and a fish oil tablet (Omega-3 oils) twice a day, and am starting to exercise 20 minutes three times a week. I have also begun using a CPAP machine for sleep Apnea. Baby steps, but progress for me.


Anonymous said...

I forgot to add the amin reason for suggesting GFCI.PK. Here they are:
1. They have 20Million share buy back program. !Million shares have been bought.

2. CTBG's Jet Motor cost about 3-5K to manufacture. Rental on 50 Jet motore fetch more than $2.5M per month. So low cost + high margin = Cash Cow! JM is patented.

3. CTBG is a spinoff of GFCI. Unofficially each share of GFCI equates to 2 shares of CTBG.

Ronny said...

Hi Allan,I know you can't disclose your system,but can you tell us if its 100% mechanical and can it be used with any stock in any time frame?

A said...

know you can't disclose your system,but can you tell us if its 100% mechanical and can it be used with any stock in any time frame?

Yes, insofar as your "stock buyback" system is 100% mechanical and can be used with any stock in any time frame.


Ronny said...

Allan,are these high probability trades or (like a lot of trend followers) do you earn a lot more on the winning trades to justify a lower winning percentage?