Tuesday, January 31, 2006

NNVC - Vaccines and Therapeutic Development

In a press release announcing a new VP of Research and Development, NNVC's President specifically addressed some issues we have been discussing here.

The Company President, Dr. Anil Diwan, has received many inquiries from its shareholders questioning the vaccines and other therapeutic treatments that are being developed by other companies for H5N1 and he responded:

"The history of H5N1, as well as that for human influenza, suggests that the vaccines that provide 100% protection against the strain for which they were developed, will provide between 60% to 80% protection the following year yet diminish every year, requiring constant new vaccine development.

Total vaccination (i.e. 300 million doses for US alone, and 5 billion doses for the entire world) is required for a vaccine approach to be effective. This is unlikely to be accomplished.

Vaccines alone cannot control Bird Flu (H5N1) and other highly pathogenic influenza organisms from wreaking worldwide havoc. It is also necessary to develop specific, targeted anti-viral therapeutic agents such as AviFluCide-I(TM) to help both contain outbreaks as well as treat those patients who have not received a prior vaccination.

The world's scientists expect that H5N1 will continue to mutate and become more transmissible and less virulent over time. This means fatality rate (currently 60%-80%) will decrease some, but number of cases will rise sharply.

Given the mutations and antigenic drift, because of which vaccines will always have limited effectiveness in control, new treatments such as ours, will be essential.

To our knowledge, NanoViricides is currently the only company that is developing drugs specifically against H5N1 itself although there may be efforts afoot at many pharmaceutical companies that are still unknown to us."


Ronny said...

Hi Allan,for these micro cap stocks like XDSL, are you looking more at the story or concept rather than focusing on the fundamentals or technicals?

A said...

Ron, although everything counts a little, its the story and in particular, potential versus current market cap that matters most to me.


Anonymous said...


We all know penny stocks are high risk, why does the potential vs. current market cap matter most to you regarding XDSL?

With the mention of nanotechnology in the President's state of the union address last night, do you think this will be a long term stock before we start to see any activity? What do you think the possible target price could be within the next few months?


With regards to NNVC, I have been following this stock for months now on a tip from a friend. I keep debating whether to get in at around 1.65. I keep hearing mixed information regarding birdflu, and the technology behind the company. A friend said it was going to be a 5 dollar stock. Now, I hear it could be a 10 dollar stock?? Have I missed the boat completely on this?

Again, thanks for all your help.


A said...

We all know penny stocks are high risk

I don't know this to be true, but its what everyone says, so it must be true, right?

why does the potential vs. current market cap matter most to you regarding XDSL?

Market cap is just another way of describing share price. So look at it as current price versus potential price. If mPhase and Bell Labs create a new generation of battery technology, will it's market cap still be about $50M? Or ten times that?

Have I missed the boat completely on [NNVC]?

You can buy it right now for under $2.00. Has NNVC seen it's all time highs, or at $2.85 a few weeks ago, just hinted at them?


Anonymous said...

Hi Allan,

In search of another great penny stock the likes of nanoviricides, we found a big one, literally.
BIGN (biogenerics ltd.)is a company with joint ventures currently ongoing with three oil drilling companies around the country.

They're in a similar position to where nano was at in late September. They're a pink sheet company that went public mid 2004 and did a 9 to 1 split last year. Like nanoviricides, they had an initial run to the 20 cent range and then fell back.

They have projected earnings of .08 per share for 2006. So like nano, if they reach their goals the sky's the limit.

You can visit their website at www.bignltd.com

Anonymous said...

Looks like a perfect gap fill

Charts and commentary

Anonymous said...

Looks like a low risk entry point here. I bot 1.71