Tuesday, December 06, 2005


In looking for a third speculative play to join NNVC and WAVR in the portfolio, I ran across a post by Don Wolanchuk today, suggesting that he was buying SMTR under 9 cents, since once above 10 cents, it would be untouchable. A little due diligence turned up this very bullish report on SmartTire Systems.

Now we have three, one already a 10-bagger, but looking for ten more and two on their way. Thus, sufficiently diversified in the speculative arena, we can return our attention to run-of-the-mill trading, which will serve to keep us occupied while the Pinta, Nina and Santa Maria sail in.


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Ronny said...

Allan,I have tracked 8 buyback plays so far.6 have gone up,2 down.The average return for the 8 is +1.9%.