Monday, August 05, 2013

The Moon's a Harsh Mistress

Life evolves. It twists, turns, then befuddles in ways that are and always have been a dark, overwhelming mystery to me.

Maybe there's an answer at the end of this journey. An explanation for all that passes.

Loss falls hollow on this quiet night. Emotionless, a remnant dangling from love's demise.

This music is hauntingly beautiful. It crosses my path, once again.


Roger Austin said...

We can muse all day and night about the moon and never run out of musings.

“The sun loved the moon so much he died every night so she could breathe.”
― Unknown

My momentary muse:

The moon waxing and waning is a metaphor for the bright side and the dark side of romantic feelings. We are drawn to just a sliver of moonlight as much as when the moon shines at its brightest....maybe perhaps we value it even more if it is waning. We know that when the sliver disappears it does not mean that the light has gone out. It is just out of view.

The longing for the reappearance is part of the romance. Love never dies. It never flickers out. The source of the light (the sun) illumines the cold, grey stone (the moon) and transforms it into a thing of beauty. The moon's beauty is made possible by the love of the sun. In much the same way we light up the life of the one we love.

A said...


As always, you get it. Two posts below....

"Remember the things that you wanted to be
has a man ever failed without trying;

"Tomorrow won't happen, there's only today
Can a man truly live without dreaming?"