Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Gold Miners

Gold miners are having a good day, as evidenced by this breakout on GDX, Market Vectors Gold Mining Index: 

GDX Daily Trend Model

Below a couple of stocks from our Gold portfolio that are fully participating in this move:

GORO Daily Trend Model

TRE Daily Trend Model

Is it too late to buy gold stocks?  

This is not a question for a trend following frame of mind.  Picking tops and bottoms have been abandoned in favor of capturing the meat of the move.  We are no longer vegetarians.



Anonymous said...

Just a note

GDX is the etf for major miners ,not the juniors

Juniors etf is GDXJ

but your point remains valid

A said...

I stand corrected.

Anonymous said...

As for timing the buying opportunity.......
I personally would not chase it right now.

Spot gold is looking at making new highs.

the powers that be
have Always stomped on the tops to drive price back down.
That ought to affect the miners as well.

There will be a correction soon enough. it may not last days and weeks like in the past.

but I would expect some sort of pullback.

be selective in choosing which miners to buy.

My own favorites to watch these days based on great spring/summer movement and reputable due diligence are


most are very overbought now.

also....most on this list are juniors(explorer/developers....good buyout candidates)

a handful of majors like SLW ,EGO,SVM, etc ought to be core holdings.

I was wanting to see SLW correct back to under 20,toward 19 and 18....look at it now.... too far gone to be any bargain. same with EGO right now. looking to buy around 17.

Gotta be a bargain hunter.

....waiting to buy REE at 3.70

ABX at 40-42 area

Anonymous said...

Big day for the PM miners. even majors like PAAS and AEM ,GG, are UP 6%, 7%.

but the government manipulators have always slammed it down at the top. Youve got to expect them to stop the panic buying sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

A small fantasy portfolio

TTM @ 14
BRF @ 30
NNVC @ .60
gold bullion @ 750
silver @ 12
ECH @ 30

etc etc

this would be the bargain price after a wave 3 collapse ...maybe even lower.
Imagine buying Chevron (CVX) at 50 or 40 ?

just sayin...

Anonymous said...

Hi Allan,

NNVC's stock price is down 60% from $2.64 some 4.5 months ago.

Is it time to load up?

What is the short term Buy/Entry on your system?



A said...

The CEO of NNVC is presenting today at the Rodman & Renshaw Health Conference in NYC. It will be interesting to see if there are any significant updates regarding their pipeline. Even if not, the stock is cheap in relation to the company's potential reward down the road. My opinion is that anyone who owns this stock, even at $2.64, will be well rewarded over the next few years.

As for the NNVC trend buy signal, I send that out each day after the close to my subscribers.


Anonymous said...

Looks like NNVC didnt really react too much to the CEO's conference. although it did perk upside at the end of the day.

looks like its just holding the line in the 1.07-1.12 zone

which is ok by me. If 1.10 wants to be the new bottom
same way as 70 - 80 cents was the bottom last year

its a step up.