Friday, April 11, 2008


I think there's room for a 10th stock in our solar basket, so today I am adding ICPR. This is the most speculative of the solar plays, but it has risen about 200% in the past few weeks and the bet here is on that momentum continuing in the weeks and months ahead.



Anonymous said...

What about ENER for the solar basket?

A said...

Sure, ENER is as good as any. It's like buying technology stocks in the late nineties, the whole sector is moving up.


Anonymous said...

Hey Allan!

Good to see your recent posts.

ICPR, what are the possibilities, is this a real player in the energy race?

I am ALMOST done with my 90 days of research for the Sally picks.

I will post the results for all and it will be in excel format. I will do my best to explain what I discovered and what to look for from Sally,

Dave B

robert d said...


Kudos!! Like the site it stimulates the mind.

Found it via Xyber9 web search.

In all fairness to the debate on the validity of the Xyber9 methodology I think everyone should be exposed to

A real red flag is Robert's claim to having received a Nobel Memorial Prize nomination in Economics in March of 2000. I am really not sure what receiving a nomination entails but it seems highly improbable that for someone who's highest level of academic achievement is - 1965-1973 Robert D. Taylor performed his undergraduate work (Literature and American Language) at Northern Michigan University and at Eastern Michigan University - (note 8 years for a 4 year degree) - that this claimed accolade is of any value.

The above being said Robert is certainly an interesting entity who seems to have succeeded in putting a very positive spin on his endeavors.

Snapping out,